hey guys, im sorry, i havent written about to much, because my internet is fucked up... -.-
uhm... i havent been doing so much, but ma mate really doesint want me to like A, but i think i do... :P

but not as much.. ;) but i promise, i wont do anything stupid ;) well, 2day im gonna sleep at nic's place, were gonna be out late a while 2day, i hope we're gonna meet somebody, but i dont know who yet... :/

what ever, bye <3



oooh noo!! its mondy 2morrow!!!!!!!!


and 2morrow its monday.. -.-

and they r gonna take the schoolphoto 2morrow!! :S:S
i scared! xD
2day i had really fun, with andre and alex again xD but emma and linnea were there to :)
and yesterday i was out with sally, B and another emma :P oh ye! and vicktor (ross xD) its a dog... and he stinks :S

well we watched saw and house of bunny at the same time 2day, haha xD
saw wasnt eaven scary... :S it was just i bit gross, but not eaven a bit scary..

well, my mom had a bit troubble picking me up, she didint know where to drive!!! xD gahahaha! xD

bye! <3

hellooo ppl! xD

good day, huh? ;)
well, yesterday was really fun, i was with B,
and we met andre and alex,
well, we went to andre's place, there we stayed a while,
untill i was forced to go home, by my mom... -.-
I HATE IT WHEN SHE DOES THAT!!!!!!!!! im ALWAYS the first one to go home, no matter what...
but yeah.... i cant  change that... -.- (i wish i could)
but it was still really cool :)

2day i think im gonna go watch  movie, with sally and derin, but i dont know if someone else is coming to..
i hope so, it would be eaven cooler ;D
but im not sure yet that were going, but i think so xD :P

i gotta go, bye bye!!.. §§



hellooooooo :P

hey, guess what?.. IM SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :@
but what ever..
2day i was at B's place for a little while, and then we went and saw some of her friends ;)
and andre is my BRO' now! xD ;D
it was fun :P
thanks for the day :P (A)

otherwise i didint do anything special..
oh ye!! we were stalking that guy and some of his friends again xD
well, actually, we were just watching them (A)

byye cya! (L)

SUPER kuddkrigs-kväll xD

haha, ursakta, får vara ett svenskt inlägg xD men de va en sit rolig filmkväll hos jennifer, som blev till typ världs-kuddkriget nr.1 xD de va skiit ul, fast att jag typ fick lite ont i näsan efter att anar btyp träffa dwen me knytnäven..? xD haha, men de e okej nu :P jag sa sova hos nicole, imorn ska vi dra in  till stan me robin och ankar, kanske blir gansa kul :p

har inte så mt mer att berätta.. :P

godnatt <333

haha, de här va typ min kudde xD :

im soo bored....

i know i just wrote, but im soo bored...
i know!! we had this lesson in school, and we were supposed to discribe our dream-guy/girl
so i can say wha I wrote ;)

nice body,

cute face,

really nice,

no cheater,

no smoker,

nice eyes,

likes music,

takes care of him self GOOD,

smells good (A)


that were the 10 most important ones.. i think.. :S i maybe forgot somehing xD but i dont think so.. :P


ahhaha, im soo stalking a guy in my school, i see him all the time, and prob, everytime he sees me, hes like: wtf!!! not she again!! xD otherswise, there waasnt anything special 2day, just that school was out much sooner for us 2day,
 cuz our teacher was sick ;D it was great (A)  byebye, love yall <3

nothing spec.

heey, 2day it was a normal day in school, but it was fun, as always ;)

i talked to covin (how do u spell you're name?!?!) 2day xD
he was really cool ;)

felix ari, chribbe and covin waiter for sally with me after school,
that was nice to, thanx guys ;)

and then it was time for me and sally to TALK, like EVERYDAY!! xD
we always have to share the things we saw/hered that day, haha xD

nothing really much happeed otherwise..
byye <333


WHYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! would it be soooooo bad i i would'nt FAIL for once?!?!... im sooo sick of it, and it... it just bumbing me out.... really much!!!....

eaven if im thinking that jb are coming in december it doesint matter....
yes it does, but im still in a mood 1/10 or, like sally said: -5/10...

i dont eaven know what to do.. its annoying..

but i hope that it will still be kinda fun, like always....

bye <3

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