20 f*cking degrees!!

the weather was just so AAAAAAAAWSOME!! :D
and school was shit... -.-
but watcha gonna do about it..? -.-
i just waited for the end of it all, and met sall', (ofc)
we talked and laughed a LOT (ofc)

 going ot of my miiiid!!

you make my day bby!..

my throat is killing me!!!!!

seriously, it hurts SOOO BAD!!..

yesterday i was with sally, shaho and taylan after school,
it was okay,

2day i was in school, it was just a pretty crazy day, nicole came to our school for a little while,
but i went straight home after school, because, as i said, my throat is KILLING me!!...

and yesterday was i beautiful day, and it was SO FREAKING WARM OUTSIDE!! some boring pics ;)
 - HHAHAH!! XD (just a bit bored in class xD)

who was the best?! bounce was the best!!

it is freaking AMAZING!!...
HOW IN THE HELL can they pull off such an show?!
i cant believe it, i LOVED it..

and the best thing was the last dance...
alvaro had broken his leg, and couldnt dance... and everytime you saw his face, you just wanted to kill yourself because it was sooo sad...
but they did a number with chairs, where they sat down and only danced with their arms.

and in the beguining of the song a guy said: JUSTICE
and it was just heartbreaking to see the number go out to him,
now thats love..

love yall forever!

i'm all bouncing myself

im exiiiiiiited, going to the last bounce with hannah tonight, i cant wait :D

2day im wearing:

sweater- new yorker
jeans- manhattan
t-shirt- i have no idea.. -.-

and make-up:

isadora 64 light blue eyeliner,
makeup factory dark brown glitter eyeshadows,
givenchy mascara,


Funny Facebook Fails

Funny Facebook Fails
Funny Facebook

Funny Facebook Fails

the last bounce

the CONCERT!..
im totally hyped about going to the concert, and stuff,
its just gonna be sooo much fun, and i swear im gonna be bouncing myself!!..
BUT.. its thei're last bounce!
its just so sad to know that.. this is the last, im mean THE LAST preformance thay r doing together :'(
wish i could be on the stage..

c ya,

the last day,

NOOO its the last day in PRAO :'(

2day i have real dance class too, and then... i dont really know what im gonna do xD
we'll see, maybe go out with some friends,
 and SUNDAY !:
BOUNCE concert with hannah!!! :D :D

peace out guys, <3

sorry for no updates :/

but ive come home pretty late lately, and then i was just to lazy to write, tihi (a)

anyways, its going great on the prao, the only thing that actually sucks is that i dont know what to write!! -.-
and me and covin have done like the best dance eveeer, and are going to preform it the last day before summerbreak :D
sorry guys, but we cant upload any vids, we dont want anyone to see it yet ;)

and when we're not dancing, we're doing this kind of stuff xD

happy birthday, muna! :D

for me- its still morning..

hi guys, yesterday was a soo fucked up evening, i just really didnt wanna blogg,
but now im back!

yesterday i was in kista with nicole,
and i bought a new sweater ^^
ill upload a pic later,

now- just some other pics ;)

- at nics place xD
- "what are you starring at?!"

c ya!

prao- maybe a little bit more fun now :)

so 2day, covin asked if he could come to my prao place, because he hated his place,

and actually, it made the boring work nicer, cuz u actually have someone to talk to xD :D
and we got to borrow the dance-place monday, in a few hours, thats AWSOME, because we can start practicing on our summer dance ;D

 weekend: plans with nic' and carro ;)

its gonna turn out awsome,
bye §

hold on- to everything..

there are like loads of different emotions right now, because theres happened kinda.. a few things 2day,

but the big ove was that: i didnt do a sh*t the whole day 2day.. -.- my prao- leader didnt have any task for me to do in the whole day!! :S

then there are a few personal things..

  +   =

peace out.


i feel like one of thoes old ppl, who come homa at 7:30 PM,
and say: "god... im tired after the 'long' day.."
and now im watching "jersay shore" and uhm... its pretty horrible xD but kinda fun to watch xD

(leak of pictures right now)

music in my head

sry for not updating, but yesterday me and nic were in the city, it did'nt happen so much of action there this time, hah..

but 2day all 8th graders in our school gotta work a job that they find on theire own..
so im sitting and waiting for mine to beguin, cuz its kind of an PM job xD

and nicole if u're reading this, dont forget to practice!..

c ya later, aligator, bye <3

 bad cam, cuz im on my dad's pc.. -.-


im gonna fall asleep soon..
actually i was supposed to meet brigita 2day, but that didn't go so good,
so i decided to stay at home, its really idiotic weather anyway, so..

a litle bit out of my style, but still a good song,

--- thats not me, but is it nice, or what?...

if you think im jealous, come on... r u serious?! xD

2day i drew justin bieber!! ^^

and actually, i got pretty satisfied with the outcome :P
and then brigita came to my place, and we like laughed our asses off us xD
because of some things i dont wanna mention on here :P

2morrow im gonna meet her again and we'll see what we r gonna be up to :)

c ya, §

sleepover with hannah and sally!!

now, THAT was a REALLY fun night! xD

1. they wanted to pet my fishes, so we did xD

2.then we ate ;)

3.then we were just fooling around wih makeup

4.then we ate some more xD (and watched 17again ;D)

5.and then we were just hyper through the rest of the night xD

and 6. yes.. i like flying..

just woke up..

and i look horrible xD

but its AWSOME WEATHER! ^^
so 2day im gonna go meet nicole and pg,
and i should actually go get ready by now haha xD

no make up, just woke up.... mmmhh... we like that..(or not) -.-'

you should let me love you...♥

some pics from yesterday,

 --- the new eyeliner,

me and B just fooling around ;D

 aaw :D


summer break is just 2 months away!! :'(

and i didn't even realize that!....
right now me, brigita and jura are soo stressed out about the whole summer- thing...
and we're singing grease- summer nights or what its called...

damn, everuthing just goes soo fast...

headed to västerås

2day my mom waked me up at 9 am for "easter breakfeast" and then she also  forced me to get dressed... -.-
i was so pissed off.. -.-

bt now im just listening to music, and later 2day the whole family is gonna go see some freinds, and celebrate easter together,

there will maybe some pics, or maybe not, c ya later,

finally new-dyed ;)

i dont think you'll se so much of a difference, but the blond has become a little blonder, and the dark has become a little bit darker ^^

oh and yeah, HAPPY EASTER ;)

ive like forgotten about my blog?? :S

im sorry guys, i havnt blogged in what feels like ages! :O

yesterday i was with sally after school, we were just all hyper,
and 2day i was with her again, but this time in kista! ;)

it was a shopping day for me and sally,
i love shopping ^^
i bought:

1.waist-belt - new yorker
2. pink longsleeved shirt - new yorker
3.shoelaces- newyorker
4. green eyeliner - kicks

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