damn, ive not been blogging in a while :O

well, right now im at my grandparents house. and there are 9 days left untill im headed back home, WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! CANT WAIT!! :D
i love all my new clothes, i just bought a new mascara too, and not to mention my new mutant heels!! xD

anyways, i am overly bored, so here is just a little something :P

10 thing you didnt know about me:

1. My shoes have names
2.i would really want to have a gay guy-friend
3.i dont like dark chocolate
4.i have never wanted to have a younger brother/sister. even when i was a kid.
5.i think people waste the word "love" around. to be inlove is pretty damn hard, but after all-it happens.
6.i like to try on new clothes ALONE. after that i got MY oppinion, only then i can get everyone elses opinion.
7.i will always be the "crazy gone wild" one, i really dont think that i ever will change that much.
8.i often cry because of my mom/ brother
9.i always fall asleep with the tv on "timer" not only because i like to watch ttv, but also because im afraid of TOTAL dark.
10. right now- only ONE person has made me feel THAT way.



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