good night,

so, you know that i slept at nics place yesterday, :)
we had SOO MUCH FUN!! xD
BUT... we wont be able to have that anymore, cuz her parents borbidd her any more sleepovers.. -.-

so 2day i was just hanging at home, and then i went to meet jonte and alex, and now im home again :P

could have been a better day ;/
well, here are some pics from our best friend McDonalds; our best friend xD

and then just some other pics from yesterday ;)

{--- hard to guess who's who, right? ;)

at nic's place ;)

hah, i was in the citteeyy with nic 2day ;)

and now we/I  had a bit fun with her cam xD i bought a new bra, and a belt ;D
2 row pyramidbelt, Randomizer

and here are the pics ;) ill upload the ics from mcdonalds a bit later ;)

tired.. bored.. and tired again..-.-

i dont wanna go right back to bed and sleep, but im just so tired xD
and now im not really doing anything special,
listening 2 music ;)

i think im gonna go meet some friends 2day, ill update later i think, bye ;)

snapshot of the day (has been a while since the last one :O)  :
 haha, beautiful as always... -.-

a hero of war, yeah thats what he'll be..

streetdance pants :D

yeah!! finally, ;D
i was at dance practice 2day and i finally got my the voice streetdance school pants :D
 niiice :D

and jonas (the guy who gave me the stuff) he is soo funny, i like laughed my ass off, he tried to say my last name!! xD
and i was "rewarded" with the title: longest last name ever xD
haha, i had a blast today ;)

and now, ITS NO SCHOOL FOR 1 WHOLE WEEK! :D woohoo ;D

SCHOOL: was actually for the fisrt time in a very long period awsome! xD this day was just really fun :) (besides that i aupposed to sleep at nic's place 2day, but her dad said. no.. :/)
 peace out ;)


though i had a pretty good day, everything is like upside down in and out xD
especially in school, everyone is like fighting all the time -.-'

so 2day i had a france test.. god i suck at french.. -.-

and i have new manicure :P

thats all for now :)

 haha, so cute together ;)
 haha, really nice pic xD (or not )
 and the new nails ;)

oh, and yeah, yesterday was bäst i väst, and jonte won!! :D i will probably upload a vid later ;)

still not in school

right now i feel better, and ill maybe make it to bäst i väst 2morrow!! :D
and soon, im gonna go eat :P

im just surfing around a bit on FB, ONE, and so on.. :P
watching a  certain person.. ew.. -.-

and i found this REALLY funny pic!! HAHAH!! xD

but the music is actually good! ;)

sally at my place ^^

even though i was sick 2day, sally came over,
and we had really fun, (ofc xD)
a bit girltalk, (as alwaays ;) )
and then a heck of a lot of music, and laughter!! xD

otherwise i drew a picture of MJ 2day, too! :P

here are some pics, (i look SOOOO awfull.. -.-)

and the picture that i drew :P


i have SOME goód memmories thanks to these guys! xD

they are forever ;)

oh god,

i feel soo bad..
im so sick, as i said.. -.-
but i got some SOO GOOD NEWS!

i got my pc back, WITH ALL MY PICS! ;D
im soo happy :D

otherwise ive just been sitting and lying around here and there, listening to music,
and talked to sally and felix,
its pretty depressing, cuz felix has a bit of a problem,
and sallys getting depressed because of it and now i am too,

so i decided to just stop chatting with them for 2day, ill wait for a better day.. §

and right now im watchig hogan knows best, :P
have a better day than im having xD (L)

 proud photographer! xD (in lithuania :))

sitting at home,

as i said, im sick,
and so is my brother, so im stuck home alone with him.. :/
and then i also cant dance 2day!! :'(
well, atleast mom is gonna bring me a magazine, so i have something to read! ;) :D

right now ive just installed itunes on this pc (finallyy!!)
and im playing the eminem playlist, cuz im trying to make my brother like him xD

you probably think im a freak and dont know why.. :/

well, its because i think my brother should have like a hobby or something, and most of all, a big rolmodell ;D
and personally, i really like eminem.

hes one of thoes suuper famous ppl, so i thought why not? :P
ill maybe update a little bit later or something, :P bye bye <3

yippie.. -.-

im sick.. i was in school 2day, but when i came home, i felt SOO sick.. i havent done ANYTHING since i came home, so... xD

my dad is home from america now, and he brought some stuffwith him, for mee! :D as usual (A)
i love when i get stuff from the states xD
this time i got another pair of converse :D some thing for my face, xD and a pair of jeans, they dont really fit yet, but mom's gonna fix that :P
so now im sitting watching simpsons, with head ache and hight body temperature.. -.-

school: we had this really bad test, as i said.. it was horrible.. >.<

hope u guys are better than me, b safe <3 ;)

 and the jeans are a lot alike these ones! :)


i have two pretty big tests this week, one on thursday, and the other one on friday, and its terrible!!
gosh, i did'nt know i was soo awfull at studying! xD
seriously, i always beguin to do something else,
i just start thinking of something, and then, i just GOT to do it xD
so no im not really done yet, but almost, just came to the pc to take a break :P

and i was supposed to cut my hair 2day, but bough me and mom forgot xD

and otherwise, it was a normal schoolday, as usuall,
besides that i forgot my keys at home.. -.- (thats sooo annoying..)
and after school, i went to --> brigitas  <--school, and i met kinda a lot of ppl,
it was fun, we two like flipped as always xD :) <3

sorry, but there are no new pics for the day :) peace out <3

i found some pictures from when i was on vacation in my old "hometown"
im not born there, but i lived there, and became a young girl with at least some feelings that i remember.
because also if you are sad when you are little, you dont really remember it in the same way... i miss you guys soo soo much... <333

summer, i miss you!

i want warmth i want beach i want a tan, i want my shorts, i want my skirts, and i want my t-shirts... ;'(
i miss this! :

soo... this is not really what i can wear right now in this never ending snow-land.. -.-

these r some pics taht i took 2day, when i was borred, otherwiswe, there was only school, hannah was sick. I dont know if there's so much more to tell xD

bye, gonna go watch one tree hill <3<3<3


i am! ;)
just gonna go and set everything up, and then its hello dreamworld xD
actually, i dream kinda weird things :O (weird in a good way, not the "nightmeare" type) :P
well, goodnight guys :) <3
 O..M..G.. what an old pic!! xD

HA-HA! this is soo forever! xD

valentines day! the most annoying day-for me..

so, im sitting at home and doing nothing on valentines day, WOOHOO...-.-
my mom was in america like a week ago, and she brought some really cute candy hearts home xD
2day's topp was...
*when i was still asleep dreaming... <3*

happy valentines day! :
 a little something i got from mom :)

 spongebob celebrates valentines day too ;D

 and these are just the cutest thing ever! <3

still no pc...

im soo sorry guys, for not udating!! :(
im so not gonna tell you everything about the last week (/weeks? :S)
but im gonna upload some pics ;)

 sally ;) <3

 me, (eskimoo? xD)

gotta go for now, but ill maybe upload something else a bit later ;)
and yes, tomorrow is valentines day.. -.-
JIPPIE.... -.-'
well, atb least u guys should have a good day :) :P byebye <3

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