no pics :'(

can u actually imagine it?!
i have NO PICS TO SHOW YOU!! well, i have loads of on my mobile, but i cant upload them, because i dont have MY pc :'( and my dad is annoying enough to just say: yes, i will fix youre computer, but he never says when and he never does.. -.-

so 2day, im gonna fight to get back my pc.. -.-

ill write something as soon as i have my pics <3

upgrade :P

summer :'(<3

well.. at least a better mood

so yesterday, i felt like serious sh*t..
the only things i have to say about 2day are:

-"zozo" must be the most retarded movie ever xD

-im just gonna be SOOO borred this weekend.. -.-

-i actually started to cry when a police officer talked about some serious bullying- issues, :O it was soo horrible :O

- we're having some theme- days this week and in a lession that was called "space" (WTF :S)  ana-maria was about to sit on a chair, and someone took the chair, and she fell on the ground, and everyone just started laughing xD

AND, i have new manicure! ;) sorry, but im not putting up any pics 2day, (you know what happened whit my pc.. -.-
peace out <3

soo... thnx for me, because i think im gonna die any minute...

guys, my computerfucked up..
soo all my songs and every single memmory that i had.. are just gone now..
and now i feel terrible and dont know what to do...
it would probably help if i could be with someone or at least talk..
but idk whats up, i probably just gotta go to sleep instead.

broken-heart-.jpg broken heart image by pain_prince

tutorial on U.K nails!

sorry for the stupid quality, its because i did my nails BEFORE i decided to do a tutorial, so you will get a tutorial thats actually done on paint and thoes are NOT my nails xD

1. you need:
 white nail polish,
red nail polish
blue nail polish.

now, i only have one nail polish art-pencil. so after i've used it, i just clean it up with nail polish remover, and then i can  use it for another color.
if you dont have an art-pencil, then you can use a toothpick:

but it will be A LOT harder if you choose do do it with a toothpick.

so you beguin with the foundation. This time its white.


    then you beguin with the red nail polish. for that you now need the art pencil or a toothpick.
    you do a doubble stripe on the cross in the middle, because its supposed to be a bit thicker then the  other
2. (i know, super quality! xD)

    then you just add the diagonal cross, but it should be a bit thiner now.


   and the last step is to fill in with the blue. for that one you also need an art- pencill. but dont paint over all   the white- leave some small white stripes between the red and blue, its supposed to be like that. ;)

4.  okay, now that was a horrible picture, but i think you get the idea? i hope so, aat least, and if you read the instructions you should get it, its really not so hard :P

that was all, hope u like it! ;)

sallys movie-night

sorry for not updating :P but i had stuff to do :/

so 2day is sallys movie night.
and i was supposed to give her her present 2day, but i ordered something from the internet, and thoes sh*ts havent even sent it to me yet!!  :@
im like going crazy...
but i really think it is gonna be fun, and sally, ur gonna get your gift a little bit later ;)

and then theres this thing about one of my friends.. -.-
but im not really comfortable by telling the whole story on here.. :/

and one more thing. i got a request on doing like a tutorial on how to do my nails :D so im gonna do that now, but right this time, i dont have actuall pictures, but ill show you with pain or something xD

so thats coming up soon, c ya §

goodbye long nails- helloooo nice manicure + guitar!! :D

as i said, goodbye:

and HELLOOO:       

i actually am pretty glad about the outcome, and if u dont like it, you should just know: its pretty hard to do this on youre own!! xD

so 2day i actually was supposed to beguin school later that what i did, but i had forgotten that, and so had magda, so we sat and talked :P she had REALLY funny socks on!! xD look:

and then the lunch was DISGUSTING!!!

otherwise theres nothing really much to tell, just that im like torturing my fingers by playing guitar, they hurt really bad xD

c ya! §

back to blogging :p

so... yesterday was awsome ;D
at least i had a blast.. :P
and i fanally met brigita again! §§
and her dog is the first dog i've ever been afraid of xD
no, but really, her dog was like hyper xD

so 2day, i gotta study.. A LOT... -.-
oh, i dont think i even told you about the voice street dance school :O :D
its was soo awsome!! i LOVED the dance, even though it was a bit hard,
but thats exactly how you LEARN instead of just dancin g the same thing over over and over again.. -.-
and the best part is that our teacher is soo funny!! xD

i hav'nt met mario yet, but daniel was awsome ;)

have a nice day ;D

i was just SO FORCED to show you the acception from the voice xD (A)

snapshot of the day:


im at nics place right now :)
so we were just watching some celeb news, and i had totally forgotten about joe jonas new haircut! ;D  :

so, im maybe gonna write something when i get home too, but im not sure, cuz 2day is brigitas moms brithday, as i said :P
happy birthday! :)


..for not writing so much! xD
im actually really busy with the school work right now :(
so im gonna tell you what PROBABLY is gonna be coming up over the weekend:

*tomorrow, (friday) is gonna be like the best day of the whole week!! because evry friday we're gonna have music class, and after that drawing class!! :D and on TOP of that, IM GONNA DANCE IN THE VOICE STREETDANCE SCHOOL EVERY FRIDAY NOW!!!! :D :D :D

and THIS friday im gonna be sleeping over at nic's place, for the first time in 2010!! ;D
its gonna be such an awsome day! the ONLY minus in the WHOLE day is that we have a MEGA SIZE test in the morning, but after that, everythings just gonna be awsome ;)

* saturady is brigitas ( moms birthday ;)

* sunday, prob gonna be seing some friends :) §

cya next time <3 tired..

im FINALLY HOME! and yes i know ive already said that xD

so 2day was the first day of school.. yippie, already stressing out... -.-
i HATTTEE school... -.-
so sallys birthday coming up, :D
actually, its 2morrow, but she'll get her present a bit later ;D

otherwise im just exhausted from the airplanes and the sleepless nights... -.-
so i think im gonna go to dramland now, ;)
c ya..

and finally a snapshot of the day!

im hoooooooome!!

omg, i cant believe it, im finally FINALLY HOME!! :D
and i have loads to do, but insted, im just talking to nic xD
i got soo un+used to my littel pc! xD hah, its so strange to write on it! xD
and by the way, my mom lost my mobile sim- card so im not gonna have a mobil in a WHOLE DAY!!! im like gonna die :'(

but ill give evryone my new number as soon as i have it, :)
gotta go bye :D §

 me and mom i know, awfull pic, but it was on new years eve ;D §

a short one.. again xD

hey guys, i just got back from the theater! :D
i watched:

haha, it was sooo great!! xD i like laughed my ass off!! xD

so 2morrow im gonna be headed home!! so scarred of the flight!! :O:O
gotta go, bye <33

its enough :S

hey gus, im SOOO not in the mood of studying, so im reding "breaking dawn" actually, im at book three; -bella-

so, shes gonna be a vampire soon, and, WTF!!
im tired of hearing how hurt she is... now its been WHOLE 12 pages with ONLY decribing in how much pain she is... god!! we get it, edward has been trying to explain that to you in ALL 4 books!!

im sick of iit, move on, i wanna know what happens later! -.-
by the way, i think twilight new moon and eclipse were sooooo awsome,
but breaking dawn was sooo good UNTILL about half way through the book...

stephanie mayer seems too have a leak of imagination in this one.. -.- sorry, :/
a few beaking dawn book covers:

 i hadn't seen this one before xD :P

I am good!!

learned ALL the capitals of WHOLE europe in just ONE day, im sooo proud! xD sorry, im gonna stop being a jerk xD (a) im doing this just because im finally released from studying, and im bored, so u r gonna se some pics, old and new :P

Kinda new:

Kinda old:


im soo angryy.. yesterday was like heaven (bacause it was a shopping day)

but all the other days of the "holidays"... I DONT EVEN HAVE THOES FREAKING HOLIDAYS!!

because, untill the first friday of the first school week i gotta know:

--all countrys of europe
--all capitals of europe
--some mountains of europe
--some rivers of europe
--how much it rains in every country of europe,
--what climate it is in every country in europe,
--where there's much of oil, carbon, gas, iron,
--how many ppl live in every country of europe,
--where the industry is the biggest in europe
-- and the 27 EU- countrys...

I HATE THIS @#^%$$#^@#   SH*T!!!!

im gonna go crazy..

im sorry my friends, but i might look like this when i come home...

sorry for not blogging :'(

im really sorry, but im at a point in lithuania right now, where  i cant blogg, or upload photos... x'(
so i cant rėeally udate everyday... and that sux.. -.-
wazzuuup with uu?

i've not been doing so much..
but i was watching NEW MOON yesterday with my mom and aunt xD (i know, AGAIN?!) xD
but dang, that movie is good!! :O
2day i tried to study really much..
but that "really much" turned in to from after breakfeast untill like... 2? maybe 3 pm...

so that didnt go so go soo  good as expected xD
but 2morrow me and mom r gonna be headed to Kaunas, to do some SHOPPING!! :D
yes, AGAIN! xD

now, im listening to one time by justin bieber,
by the way, my ipod's loader broke.. :'(

anyways, what i was gonna say was that im gonna go put on some steps on my and nic's dance

riding the dance floor once again ;D <3333


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