i'm not back for much :(

sorry, but very soon, you'll not gonna be seing much... again.
but this time i have a reason-
i'll be going to lithuania, and im probably not gonna have a computer there :'(
maybe sometimes, but only a coupple of days.

well, anyway- this is the newest pic i drew today. its just a fast one, so its not so awsome, but its like a skiss with details. ;)

there actually IS a hidden message in this one. but i really dont think anyone can see. can you?

this is the song im llistening to non-stop right now.
it gives me THAT feeling. §

Postat av: nicole

guess what, i know who it is, becouse i know u so well i can guess right on all your "hidden messages" ;D

2010-07-06 @ 22:50:41
URL: http://happyidiot.blogg.se/
Postat av: Sofia


How did you get the music on your blog, like when you open the page there´s music... how did you do it?

Ty if you want to answer me... if not, just wright that, on my blogg.

2010-07-11 @ 14:01:52
URL: http://naturkraft.blogg.se/

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