highschool !...

so we were on this... thingy xD to look for some good highschools (AAARGH, HELP ME!!) here in stockholm, and all day it was me, Sall' and Bri' and then we met up with some other friends time to time,

then me and sall were in the center of stockholm for a littl while, but we were forced to go home, so :/
but NO WORRIES PPL!!... we're coming tomorrow instead!! xD

then we wents to sall's sisters place, and made 2 cakes, we failed misserably xD i actually have some photos, BUT not really yes, i'll upload tomorrow ;)

just one thing i gotta say is: (yes yes, i know, i'll be getting so many hating comments now, but...)
 tokio hotel is so... awesome... Actually i was a huge fan of them like... a year ago, but then i forgot about them... But now i listen to their songs,  and they're really, really good! §


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