freaky friday,

DAMN... i didnt know something like that could go that far...?!

there was a guy in MY school, from the 8th grade, he HIT burito in the face... he HIT her?!?!
all i can say is that the little tiny manlyhood he actually had left sippered away through his asshole, as we said.
It was almost a friggin fight, bri' was so furious, she hit him twice, he got totally owned,
and none of his friends backed him up,
while we 4 girls (me, bri' shortie and han') were standing and SCREAMING at him that hes a fucking faggot and that that just is the lowest level!..

it was insane!...

afterwards we were just out, and then we went to shorties place, it actually was LOADZ of fun, but burito had to go... :(
but we still had a lt of fun, so we just sat there and chilled...

like i said... a pretty damn freaky friday o.O

 hahahhahah, random xD

Postat av: nicole

OMG! A GUY HIT A GIRL IN THE FACE?! wrong... totally wrong..

2010-10-23 @ 02:09:50

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