today was the french meeting, so after school i just went to han's place we stayed there untill it started. It didnt go SO good, i mean its hard when no one wants to do anything.. -.-

BUT it'll be alright x)

now after yesterday's rage attack (followed by an emotionall breakdown) this is whats left from my necklace xD:

well its a good art- picture at least.. x) my pillow is also a bit weird after yesterday, but.. yeah im better 2day as u can see, and i'm probably gonna draw about it, so.. we'll see whaat comes out ^^

and a pic of me:

Postat av: N

okey, you have no idea what i tough saw in the first picture when i just look at it fast! euu aura, you'r so grouse.. xD (or am i the grouse one who just saw it in that way? xD uhm.. i don't think so :D)

2011-01-21 @ 23:29:09

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