swimming with the class

yeah, it was kinda... fun, i guess? xD
the "fun" part was the buss, i think? xD
because, we could'nt stay and just ´swim around.. -.-'

i miss that.. a lot,
but i guess ill bee seing you soon again, italy,

now, im watching a shot at love, now exactly fun to watch, cuz i've already seen every episode.. -.-'
well, y ya later §


Funny Facebook Fails

Funny Facebook Fails
Funny Facebook

Funny Facebook Fails


i feel like one of thoes old ppl, who come homa at 7:30 PM,
and say: "god... im tired after the 'long' day.."
and now im watching "jersay shore" and uhm... its pretty horrible xD but kinda fun to watch xD

(leak of pictures right now)

my feet!!..

ir feels like i dont have any feet right now... thay hurt soo bad.. -.-
if you wonder why, is because i just came back from dance practice. :)

and now im sitting and watching hogan knows best ;)

and im sorry for not blogging a while, i had stuff to do , and then  my internet died -.-

have a nice friday ;D
 haha, i found an old picture :P

i feel llike such an emo xD

im sitting alone in my room, watching lost again,
MAN, that show's good... -.-

so 2day im probably gonna go out with some friends, ill see a bit later,

but for now...

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