monday... [me = anti-monday!!!!!!!!!]

hey, as ya can see, i hate mondays.. but whatt ever.. im still waiting for an answer from ung08, and now im not nervous about the preformence, im nervous about what thei're gonna say bout us..

how it went? not so good, the last par of the dance was not really how it should be, we lost it a bit, we still did it the same, but the beat wasnt with us xD so idk what they thought.. but they were really impressed by the george spacial :D xD

as as usuall, shaho is annoying in school.. -.- and shaho- if u are reading this- STOP IT!!! xD

mom's sister really really doesint like my style, but i dont care xD

by the way, i started to write in my  diary again, its fun cuz u can write anything.. :P i dindint write in there for like 3 months.. :P

that was all, have a better monday then i had! xD cya later! <333


havent been on here on a while,
well, its been a stressfull week :S
tomorrow is the AUDITION!!!!!!!!!!! omfg, im like dead,
already now xD
me and nicole met rasmus and björn 2day :)
it was fun :P as always xD
well, im really nervous for tomorrow!! :D:D
nicoles ( )friends
said that they are gonna be there and watch us xD
anyways, i really hope everythings gonna go well :D :D :D

and yeah, i had danceklasses on  thursday (or how you spell it now again :S)
and our real teacher wasn't there,
so it was a nother one,
and she was a  #$%&{£@"#%& bitch!!!
she was soo mean!! every1 hates her now :S
cya later! <3

<33333 dance nd dance and dance.. <33

long time not seen :P

from monday to tuesday nicole and jenna were sleeping at my place :P <3
we watched im legend, it was scary but we made it funny xD
and yeah!! before that i was sleeping at brigitas place ;D
otherwise my grandparents and my cousin,
sad that she didint stay at home xD
i know, i'm evil xD, but she is NOT fun OR nice... -.-
omg, i am soo nevous,
the audition for ung08 is in one week!!! omg!! :D:D
i have a new t-shirt with the superman-sign on xD
and a new keps, and a new scarf ( a green one xD)
have a good time :) <3

<33333333333333sooo  cute!! <3

some new pics ;)

me & brii on earth hour! :D <33

no..3!me- grey pants big nic- blue pants jenna- almost black pants! <3
me, jenna and big nic!! :D

--the 3 of us on a hill ;D

yaay!! :D

omg, today was a freaking good day!!

look, 2day sally said 1 thing, that i was pretty happy about,

but i cant write it on here, cuz some ppl arent alowed to see xD

and that at the dance!!

our teacher said that i am the leader of one group and nicole of the other!

and only we 2 are gonna have  a little battle!


2morrow, is a normal friday. AGAIN

god! it goes soo fast

anyways, byye! <3

// aura     Big au xxx

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