happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im sitting on new years eve with y cousin ofc :P

so, we just missed the start of a great movie, but we're maybe gonna catch up soon, ;)


not so much left to say, but.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <33

snapshot of the new years eve:


is this the front pic of the eclipse movie??! :O:O:O


im borred...

so now im sitting here after a long night, and doing nothing xD

actually, i take that smile back, its not even funny... -.-

yesterday i bought some leggins, socks (xD) , a cd, a new concealer, a new deo, and some stuff for my hair. :p

the leggins are gray with red stripes xD ;D

i liked them :P

i think im gonna be going now. byebye <3


now, i finally can upload photos!! xD

soo, here are some new pics from the past week. ;)

look how cute!! :D and they r really comfortable too ;D

haha! look how good i am at matching clothes when im at home!! xD (noot)

i got a new pullover, what do u think? ;)

i hate this cat, even though he is really cute :@

*at christmas eve *

stop moving.. -.-

geroge sampson? ahha xD noo, my cousin :p (not that one i watched jennifers body with! xD)

a fast one!

me and my cousin were watching jenifers body, that movie is awsome :D
and otherwise we're just online chatting.

2morrow we're gonna go some shoping ;D YAAAAY!! xD

cya then, bye bye <3

<--- thats gonna be me 2morrow ;D xD

hey guys,

well, as nic said, i was with my cousins yesterday, but we did'nt try some wine, we got a whole bottle for our self. (its okay, we did'nt drink the whole bottle (A))

and thats why my mom was doing facial expressions xD

right now im at my dad's parents place :P

so i met my cousin already, and the best part about this whole BIG house is that you can do right about everything, and noone knows xD its pretty nice to have SOME privacy again xD ;D

and i think i actually have a snapshot of the day 2day, thihi! ^^

and yes here are my nails now ;D (you maybe wont see so much xD)



snapshot of the day:

bye bye <3

from Nic'

hi there!
aura just said that i have to write something, something with what she was doing yesterday..? haha, she met her cousins, and i think she had so much fun with them. They took meny pictures and they tried a little bit wine. Her mother was like doing some facial expressions. Haha, she said that it was fun. When she talkes about stuff she's doing i want to be with her. Miss u aura!
Back to where i started. he said i should write something i did yesterday? I would be with Jonte and Preben but it was to late when i was ready. That was all i think..?
Bye! / Nicole


tihi.. xD
im sorry,
i dont llike christmas just because of the presents, but its a big part of it ^^

so yesterday and 2day i got:
blue, pink, purple and red nail polis, ;D

2 REALLY cute t-shirts, (a red and a yellow one)
a awsome bracelet :O
and a red belt

thats all for now, but HEAD'Z UP! im gonna get even more 2morrow!! ;D
and otherwise, it was a bit of a drama christmas, just because it was at my mom's cousins place.. and.. i just gotta say that my mom and aunt dont really like her that much.. but we made it ;D
cya later <3

its x-mas, everybody!! :D :D :D

merry x-mas!!! ^^

2night we're gonna spend the evening at my mom's cousins place, and get some presents, 2 morrow were gonna get some more presents, and then we're gonna be headed to my dads parents...

im all hyped 2day. i know, i know, its not all about the presets...
ppfff!! DUUUUH! ofc its all about the presents!! xD

hahaha, have a nice chrismas! ;D
wittthh loove and x-mas spirit, Aura ;)


hilary duff-
hillary-duff.jpg Hilary Duff image by gamasutra
well, my m8 (derin ;)  )  said that her first impresson of me was that i look like hilary duff  :/
if that would be true i would be really happy.. -.-
at least i think she's really beautiful.. and by the way, its pretty coolt, cuz she's an actor, and i LOOVE acting xD
haha, soo, what do you think? there are a few who think the same, but i dont :S

well, i at least WISH i could look like her xd :P

finally a better mood!! :D

im on a good mood, because i actually finally did something 2day!! xD

first i was and ate pizza with my mom and my brother,
and then, i met PAULA!! :D:D:D
we talked a LOT and im soooo annoyed at her boyfriend... he's like never with her, never gives her compliments, talkes MUUUCH more with her friends then her...
how can you behave you'reself like that?! :O
so, im hoping she's gonna break up with hijm, she wants to, but she cant, and so on...
and we met A for a little while too :P
he had cut his hair, and it looke SOO great on him!! :o
so we talked with him a while and then we were headed home again :P

so now im home, eating (as usual) and chatting again xD ;D

have a nice evening <3

  by the way, here is the "beat it" dance ;) what do you think? :D

Musics & my cell = my best friend right now

as you know, im in lithuania..

and most of the tme im spending at the pc and my cell phone..

so right now im chatting with max, and listening to 'be on you by ne-yo'
im maybe gonna meet my m8 2morrow, ive missed her, we got loads to talk about!! xD

thats all for now.. <3


soo.. whatsup??..
so im gonna tell you about my day yesterday and 2day :P
so yesterday was the flight...
well, i dont even wanna start talking about it..
but i know one thing, my mom told me this: jag har fobi 100%...
so now i know that i have it..

and i also know that were gonna look up an therapi for flight-fear..
soo, i hope we find somethinggood -.-
when we came home, everyone was like: omg, you r almost taller than me, bla bla bla..
and they still keep saying it xD


and 2day i woke up, and did.. hmm... like nothing xD
took some pics, but i cant upload them on thin pc :'(

and then i found som red nailpolish :D
so now i have french manicure BUT my nails are red, and the ''white'' part is pink :D

i like it :P
as i said, i cant upload pics, but i'll try to show you xD

and we have some guests.. just family :)

so im gonna go now, bye bye <3

(and yeah, i wont be doing any snapshots of the day duing the vacation :(  )

last daaayyy!!! :'(

2 day is the LAST whole day in sweden this year!! :'( ( i know, it sounds weird.. :S)

so first, it was the "school" haha, we were preforming, it was SOOOO fun, thanks guys!!

and then after school, we went to sally's place, (for the first time ever! :O)
then i weent home and then i met nic. :P

we went to meet jonte and preben, and so now im here :D

im sitting on nic's sofa with her, and just chilling infront of the pc :P

well, i just gotta warn you, i will NOT be writing much when im in lithuania :'(

so i kinda gotta say godbye now to you 2 :( byebye <33333333

004.gif image by yescomm

you thought i gave up? ;)

heey, and yes, i know, its amazing!!!
its snowiiiing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

haha, we've been training the dance a lot, and tomorrows the time to show it up ;)
well, im a bit nervous.. but.. watcha gonna do? xD
soo now im sitting with a new cell AGAIN, xD but its the same modell, it was just because something was wrong on the otherone :S

so yesterday after school i was with rateb and nic, its was REEEEAAALLY fun :D

some pics:
haha, "for really big mistakes" xD
 ratebs having fun xD

 and nic's playing "invisible" xD

and then 2day, we girls, (me hannah sally and derin)
FINALLY had some time together!!! we had too much to do in school, but this time we actually could have fun again!! im happyy!! xD

so, we didint take soo many pics, but here are some anyway ;D


 haha, nice xD

 look at that face!! :O (haha ;D)

 hannah was my paparazzi xD

 and omg, look how much snow there was todaay :O:O:O

and the snapshot of the day :

 (i was doing sandwiches xD)


its sunday... :'(
i just really really HATE the feeling of: "oh no, i gotta get up early 2morrow...."

well... whatcha' gonna do about it..? -.-

2day, i first woke up after a GREAT night, i slept really well xD
and i have no idea why xD

by the way, yeasterday, i wa reading breaking dawn, and gosh, edwaard is getting on my nerves xD

so 2day i woke up, and i texted nic (with my new cell :D :D ) so we were gonna do something :P
so i took a shower, put some make-up on, ate and went to meet her up :)

then we just walked around a bit, then we went to my place, and we were actually gonna go to media markt, i was gonna buy a memmory card, but NOO it was closed :@

so we asked if someone wanted to go out :P

and so we went out with pedram jonte sebbe preben and abbe :P

they were soo freaked!! it was really fun, i could'nt stop laughing xD

and now im at home, gonna go brush my teeth soon :)


snapshot of the day:

--- look how fucked up my hair looks 2day! :O

(and yeah, i've been getting a lot of questions why im writing in english, thats because some of my friends cant talk swedish haha :P)

here is my new cell by the way [YAAAY!!]:

hyyyyyyyyyyya ;D

hey guys, at 12, we had some dancepractise, i think it went kinda good, and i really think we can make it untill friday ;) ill update tonight :)§

im with brigita right now ;)
we have some guests at my place right now, and me and brigita are just messing around :P
and listening to justin timberlake, :P

and brigitas having fun with her cellphone xD HAHA! you should see her! xD

thats all for 2day :P

snapshot of the day:

  hottiies!! xD (yeah right)



2day all the 8thgraders went BOWLING! its was soo fun!! (surpriseingly fun :O)

everyone was with everyone, and we had soo much fun, cuz you could be with youre friends from the other classes too! :D (for once -.-)

we took a coupple of pics, but my camera was f*cked up, so its REALLY REALLY bad quality.. -.-

but you still SEE :P    :

hannah's turn! ;)
 me and sally :P
and again xD (we were just like messing around xD)
Ebba's turn :P

sally: "why doesint it work?!?!? xD
AND THE LEFT-OVER FROM MY CHIPS! Xd (i was'nt fast enough to take a pic of the chips! xD)

then, when i came home, i was gonna preform in vällingby, k:fem :P
they said that they probably will be putting the vid up on youtube.

it was that "beat it" dance :P

so now, im sitting, listening to justin timberlake CD and thinking: GOSH, I HAVE SOO MUCH PAIN IN MY BACK.. and i want my new cellphone!!!!!!... xD

haha, goodnight everyone §§ :)

seriously... is everybody trying to kill me?! xD

its been such a stressy day, but NOW... FINALLY PPL!!!!
ITS OVER!!!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

soo.. we trained dancing 2day quiet a bit in school, and im a bit pissed off, it IS hard.. or.. maybe not... but my "solo" (its not really a solo) that one is kinda hard, cuz i cant do a move at the end, and it just looks so fucked up... -.-

but i gotta practice that..
and otherwise, i had 2 tests 2day, and i was all freaking out about it :P

and then, finally... I GOT TO GO HOME!!.. xD

right now i am sitting and reading www.twilightsuger.blogg.se i am not i hater!!.. but that blogg is just SOOOO funny!!!! xD u just GOTTA check it out!! look, this is all "twilightsuger" for you:

snapshot of the day:

 cya, homies §

aaw, brigita!

haha, i saw your comment, xD
yes i know, at th first twilight movie i was like: OMG, EDWARD!!!...
and then i saw jacob without the hippie-hair! xD
but i know, edward CAN be hot if he wants to, BUT.. if hes not in the movie, hes not really hot.. -.- that is SOOOO annuying.. :/

Well, lest tell you soething about the last couple of days,
nothing really big happened..
im gonna dance at the last day before vacation, for like all the 8th and 9th garders, and i dont really know, but i think its all the 7th graders too ;)
thats gonna be pretty awsome, i think :P
but its like really stressing me out, cuz we only have 2 times left to practice, and 2morrow is gonna be one of them.. and then, on friday, me and my dancegroup are gonna dance in vällingby,
its gonna be pretty awsome, (a michael jacksson choreografy, beat it)

and im so happy, cuz i think im gonna start dancing at the voice streetdance school!! :D:D:D

as i said, im SOO happy!! -------

haha, gotta go now, im gonna go take a bath, goodnight, guys :)*

lame sunday.. -.-

hey guys!
how was the weekend?
well, for me it was pretty good, but its sunday... :'(
i HATE sundays and mondays...
i HATE IT!!..
well, yesterday, i had dancing classes in 2 hours in a row,
we are gonna preform "beat it" by michael jackson.
im pretty exited :D
so afterwards i met nicole, and we went to the C-I-T-Y! ;D
its awsome there :P
i only bought a new perfume!
i LOOVE it!
its the christina aguilera- by night ;)

that perfume... mmm-mm! it smells soo good! u should try it! ;)

nicole had to buy some x-mas preesent :P
and as we were on our way to the subway again, there were these two guys, they had put ogether like a drum-set and they were drumming on it! xD
but one of them was like sooo cute! xD i was like: :O :O :O

when we go home, we were gonna have a sleep-over. ;)  but we didnt get som much of the "sleep" part xD
at the evening we took a LOT of pics, we watched "beavis and butthead" and later we watched "scream queens" and "f.r.i.e.n.d.s" we had such a blast!
and after that we just sat in bed and talked. a LOT
and yes, what do we girls always talk about? yes, GUYS xD

and then 2day we just listened to music and so on :P

it was REALLY fun :)
but now im pretty tired.. -.-
and i HAVE to study :'( :'(
well, cya later, here are some pics from yesterday:

haha, that was fun, - "im a barbie girl"

no, wait, ill update the pics later, im not sure if i can show you some more bye §

hau ya'll,

im still a little sick, but i already feel a little better,
i think im gonna be okay 2morrow :D
so... whats new? atualy, nothing, cuz i've been sitting at home all day... :(
at the morning, i watched "vakna med the voice", and thay had a celeb guest, guess who it was!?!?
it was laurent from twilight / new moon! :D
he seemed cool, but he told them that i would'nt wanna be as famous as robert or taylor..
WTF!!... thats the wrong attitude if you're in a movie like that! :O
i would really do ANYTHING to be like that..
o god..
i know its like everyone's dream, but i've wanted this soo bad, for soo long now.. and ive done a few things too, BUT i haave never been in a movie.. and i want it soo bad!! :(

anyways, i just wanted to say: WHO DOESINT WANT TO BE LIKE TAYLOR?!?! HELLOO?!?!
                                            ITS TAYLOR LAUTNER!!

 look at this picture!! i found it, and i was like: :O:O:O!! so i zoomed in, and if you zoom in, you can see it soooo clearly that that pictur is fake! xD  i started laughing soo abd! xD

but thís... look at him!... §§§:

 he look always soo serious,  because he is so... big..! xD :D

snapshot of te day:
 im sick, okay?! i cant look good when im sick! its just a fact!!..

hi blogg!

whats new?
well, im sick... again... or, maybe im STILL sick, i dont really know any more xD
BUT what i know is, my soulm8 (not in the "inlove kind of way"!!)   but anyways, my soulm8, she also at home 2day, so... still soulm8ts xD

otherwise ive just been chatting all day, watching some series of f.r.i.e.n.d.s. ,  talking on skype, and right now, im actually playing on my guitar ;D

im gonna learn "love story" by taylor swift, and "happy" by leona lewis on guitar!..
so far, its going pretty good,

BUT if you think that i can sing to my guitar now, FORGET IT!! I CANT SING, AND THATS IT!
i sound like mummel in happy feet!..
soo, im just gonna sing to myself, and otherwise my friends can sing ;)

and i actually REALLY want a new guitar..
one like maybe:

or maybe: 

ill see, i maybe get one next year, untill then, i can keep playing on my old one xD

so.... some bad news..:  my grandma's dog died.. i know, "its just a dog" but that dog has been there all my life, and i cant imagine that house without it...
so its kinda weird...

the good news: ill be getting a new cellphone soon!! :D:D
haha xD

not been doing so much more 2day :)

byebye <3<3


snapshot of the day:

 stupid pic, i know... sry, i was borred xD

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