hey there,
how r the holidays?
mines r fine,
just some storms here and there :S
and one more thing, i have some kind of infection, somwhere,
 so i have to go se the doc on tuesday and wensday again... -.-

im reding twilight, or well.. iv'e adready read it, im actually reading the secound part,
new moon xD :P its sooo great..
u know every1 thinks robert pattison is hooooooooot,
well i think that too :D:D but taylor lautner is too! but noone thinks about it..
anyways, the point is, me and my m8 really like drawing, and shes drawn many actos before,
and ive done like... uhm... chris from us5, and some other guy... but it turned out prettu well :D
and we r gonna do a pretty big pic of rob ;)
thats about it for now,

xx Aura

in lithuania

okay, now im sorry i havint written for a while,

but im in lithuania, and i havent benn on a pc for a long time.. 

its cool here,

ive already got new thinks, and guess what, im getting a new pc to!!!!1

okay, actually its only a laptop xD but its really cool :P

so how have u all been?

yesterday i saw twilight, and OMFG, its like the best movie ever!!!

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