i know that the world knows!...

but still, i think the site crashed yesterday, because of the big news..
michael jackson died..
yesterday i wasnt up to so much,
2day my moms sista is coming 2 see us,
but actually, i came on to say this:
the king of pop shoulding have died..
not yet at least...
but what ca u do?..


sleep over[so called pyjamas party?]

HEHE, hey guys xD
on friday, i was at nic's place, i was boout' t sleep there
and then... tamtamtaaaam....
i found out that her brothers friend,
(brother- lucas his friend- jonte)
also was gonna sleep there,
and omfg... they are sooooo hyper!! xD
it was fun.. (not ALL the time, but what can i do bout it? xD)

on monday i was with jenna, at the beach, it was cool,
and after that we went to bri's place,
yesterday, i was with hannah :)

i dont really know what im gonna do 2morrow, but i hope its something fun xD

[and jonte, you'll have to wait for the next sleepover untill the end of the summer  HAHAHA! xD ;)]


fghjaw, <3

here is the funny pic- again!!! xD

my cousine on the WC!!!!!!!!! xD

hey, is every1 having fun? xD

i hope that the pic made you're day better,
well i know that it made my day better xD
besides, im back from itally!!!!!!!! :D
it was soooo cool there!
and nice guys!! :O
i just wanted to upload some pics ;D im gonna go meet cassi, her friends and nicole 2 day :P
here r some pics:

cjvhbksdkvfdbehaha, brig! ;D <3

ytfhgvnboch rateb, (lite hjärnstörningar!..) xD [a bit of a morron xD]

ofc italia and a pic of me in itally (uglyyy :S)

ahhahahahahahahahahha, u know, my cousin will kill me, and when i say kill, i mean kill! xD

look every1, my cousin on the bathroom! xD i just wanted to have a bit of fun in my blogg xD ;D (A) loser xD moahaha, this was soo fun xD like my whole school kows about this pic xD

yaay, alex rybak ;D

i met him on thursday! :D
and i know what u think, but he is kind'a cute! (A)
(bri, nic, and every1 else, i know u think he's ugly.. -.-)
anyways, he was like looking at me, and i wawed at him, and he smiled at me xD (aaw)
and just one thing!! HE FELL ON STAGE!!
that was SOOOO funny xD he was just like laughing afterwards.. xD ;D
i will upload the vid a bit later :P

cya <33

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