yesterday was my birthday!!!
soo glaaaad xD
and i got my new ipoood!!!! :D im still soo exited!
and it was really fun at my partaaay, ;D
Hannah, derin, nicole, jenna, ebba and brigita where there ;)
thanks for att the presents! <3
u know what we did (A) <33
byye <3
asdfghjk me (A)

hya! ;)

how r u guys?
im fine, 2day nothing big really happend,
i pased PE, couse we were gonna be outside,
and i didint know that, so i talked to Fia during the class,
so at least i wasint alone. :)
then i was gonna go and buy a shirt, but no one could come with me :@ :(:(
sally, derin, ebba, hanna, whuy cant u come?!?!?! xD
well, i hope that many can come to my birthday, otherwise i will really be like:
seriously, are u kidding?!
i hope that every1 will come,
that would be fun :D
well im gonna go now, bye! <3

fgh hehe (A)

soo much news..

1. we are gonna be preforming on ung08!!!!! ::D:D:D:D
2. i got a letter from my friend in switzerland on friday, that was a bit cool :P
3. nicole had a sleep-over at thursday ;D
4. im sick... -.-
5. yesterday me, my parents and brigita and some more were at juras place.. her friend are SOOOO scarry!! :S:S [theyre names are "dead because i killed it" if u get what imean :S ]
6. my birthdays in a coupple of weeks :D (16. may)
7. we have soo much work in school right now.. -.-
8. now this is a soo soo soo soo soooo last year news, but i still gotta say it.. IM IN LOVE WITH GEORGE.. I CANT STOP!!  x',C

look how cuute!!! just the cuutest thing!! :D aaw, hes sleeping 2! xD :D <333

<<<<<<<<<<3haha, :D <3333

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