fucking disaster.

i love you girls you are the on ly ones i have, i cant believe that my familycan do such a thing.

headed to kalvarija...

bye c ya soon in sweden. <3


gaaaaah.. look at him, he has s most of all everal leading roles in a bunch of movies,
but i love his role in one tree hill the most i like start to cry 500 times/season!!
Chad Michael Murray <3

the day of my grandma's birthdayparty.

well, yeah, ofc, im happy, happy birthday, and so on, but seriously.... i just SOOO DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE PARTIE....
first of all the warmth is gonna kill me, second of all its gonna be so boring, cuz NOONE in our age is gonna be there.. -.-
well, we will have to just wait for the outturn.. ://
for now, c ya! <3
happy birthday!

im so maaaaaaaad bored right now...

doing absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G.....

besides talking about the vampires suck premiere with sally, and talking about how stupid the newcomers in our school are gonna be... -.- seriously?? 6th graders??... -.-


seriously, noone knows how much i want to go home and just stay with my friends in like... 5 moths.... i've missed you guys so much <33333

and ON TOP OF THAT my msn has like..... i dont even know what happened!!! i just cant log on :'( so i was forced to do a new one..... : aura-jasi@hotmail.com

argh...... i think im gonna go crazy.....


look what we found!! bough of these hot stuff-things were at my grandpa's place ^^
so now, we're waiting for some awsome pics... (or at least we hope so)

now im sitting and pretty much doing... nothing.
saturday is my grandma's 60th birthday, actually, im not even exited for it, its only gonna be bunch of ppl going: god, look how much you've grown!! and me responding in my thoughts: who the heck are you?? :S

BUT, ladies and gentlemen, I AM COMING HOME IN 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! ^^ ^^

home, sweet home..... ive missed u. a LOT. <3

damn, ive not been blogging in a while :O

well, right now im at my grandparents house. and there are 9 days left untill im headed back home, WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! CANT WAIT!! :D
i love all my new clothes, i just bought a new mascara too, and not to mention my new mutant heels!! xD

anyways, i am overly bored, so here is just a little something :P

10 thing you didnt know about me:

1. My shoes have names
2.i would really want to have a gay guy-friend
3.i dont like dark chocolate
4.i have never wanted to have a younger brother/sister. even when i was a kid.
5.i think people waste the word "love" around. to be inlove is pretty damn hard, but after all-it happens.
6.i like to try on new clothes ALONE. after that i got MY oppinion, only then i can get everyone elses opinion.
7.i will always be the "crazy gone wild" one, i really dont think that i ever will change that much.
8.i often cry because of my mom/ brother
9.i always fall asleep with the tv on "timer" not only because i like to watch ttv, but also because im afraid of TOTAL dark.
10. right now- only ONE person has made me feel THAT way.


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