hello, im a nolifer in lithuania with nothing to do, and gotta wait 2 more days to get home.
that was all i wanted to say.


as you see below, im pretty bored, the only thing happening today is me and dad going to eat a pizza...
Wooow... i really am a nolifer. well, have a GREAT day, the opposite of mine.. -.-,

 omg, that look delicious...... o.O


okay so here's the deal, im gonna tell you a little bit about lithuania...

im born here, so im used to all the kind of... "horrible" ppl here, and otherwise its awesome, i love spending summers and winters here, BUT theres one tiny problem..

 <---- do NOT ask why, i dont know i was just so forced to xD

Anyways, I have like 3 friends here. My cousin, Paula and Egle. Okay so you're thinking: so what? the thing is that they all live in different city's and so on and so on.. And REALLY OFTEN i get so homesick that i could do anything just to get home to my friends in Sweden, the reason to why i get so homesick is that i have like... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do!!

dont get me wrong, i love lithuania, but its just so damn boring after a while, if i could take at least ONE friend with me, it would be AWESOME.. But yeah right.. -.-

this is how bored i am right now, for example... -.- :
 see what i mean now??...

come to me


okay so right now, im dreaming a LOT of weird things, so i am just searching on the web for the meanings. For example, i've dreamt a bus, these are some things that MAY fit in my case:

- "we perhaps have a common aim with the people with whom we travel."
- "If you missed your bus in the
dream, you may feel that others are leaving you behind socially or emotionally"
Traveling by bus indicates that you are on the road to attaining your heart's desire.

i've also dreamt that one of my friends got hit by a train but nothing happened to her :S

Train wrecks and mechanical failures indicate doubts about our ability to achieve a goal.
- This isn't about you and something you should have been able to do properly. This is about someone or something else that you *Trusted* that let you down completely, in a way that had a huge impact on your life.

and then there was a dream about me finding loads of coins, but i mean there were LOADS of them..

-If your
dream is of finding money, you will have much happiness in your domestic affairs
-dream has a positive significance if money is found unexpectedly

actually its pretty interesting to read this kind of stuff, you should try it, if you ever dream something you can write in one or two word, just google: "dream about..." and start reading ;)

holy sh*t..

i have a CAMERAAAAAA.... oh my GOOOOD

christmas was like christmas, ofc, with my family you know that it goes down a bit... but it passed really well, otherwise. :P i got a few things,

 perfume- christina agiulera by night

 a really glitter-y eyeshadow :P

 these overly fluffy slippers, i LOOOVE THEM ^^

 a bracelet :P

and then ofcourse this baby :DD

ofc there were some other small things, but im to lazy to upload the pics now, here is just a pic of me,
yesterday before we headed of to the 2nd christmas dinner ;)

peace out!

if you knew how much i miss you, you'd loose your mind...


now we ALLL like that ;)

today i drank one latte, that did'nt go so well... i was all hyped, and everyone else was about to fall asleep HAHA...
im just overly bored, and dont really know what to write, so... x)

here's what im gonna try learning now hehee :P :

New nails-deisgn

okay i know i do a lot with my nails, but this is actually one of the hardest thing to do, for me.. o.O

haha, my tipical humor, i know nobody thinks it's funny besides me and shortie xD

hey, i'll always be here,

hay you guys.
The day has been okay, a bit annoying at times,
for an example, one of my heels broke at the top of the heel, so gotta wait all the way to new year to get them fixed in lithuania D:
and then my legs have been hurting ALL DAY, but now its finally better, otherways i seriously sat and moaned cuz it hurt... IN CLASS -.-

this is a really old pic from... i think it was summer 2009, when things were'nt so good... But i still miss the summer a LOT, already ;'( its not that TRAGICAL yet, but it would still be a lot nicer than this... D:


the most unneccesary day ever.. -.-'
first i went to school for one hour,
and then i was forced to go HOME, for a few hours, then i had to go to some damn theatre.... god... im ALREADY tired.. -.-'

tomorrow is my LAST assignment for school for this year, or maybe if we're not fast enough, it will be on thursday but its still pretty nice to just mostly chill around in school B)

it reallly is true...? :O

helloo, here comes the optimistic A.J again!! :D

i've not been in a good mood in a... loong while now :P

and FINALLY im normal again, i've slept in about 12 hours tonight and i think about HALF of that time i dreamt a really long and really awesome dream... i was so dissapointed when i woke up, but oh well-  dream big, live bigger <3

can you tell that im not cranky at all? i thik so x)

today i think imma meet up with nic, and talk.. A LOT about 2 people named- oh right you're not supposed to know that, sorry ^^

so thats the plan for today and on top of that just a little schoolwork :P peace out!

sleepover!! (not so much of the sleep part xD)

hellooooo, last night me, han' and sall' had a sleepover, kind of unexpected, but it was overly much fun, we laughed so much, and pics are coming soon ;) (i hope, han' has to e-mail them to me xD)

otherwise i've been walking around a bit like a zombie, trying out new "beauty tips" and doing all kinds of boring stuff xD i hope i'll FINALLY get some sleep tonight :P
anyways, i'll see you guys tomorrow, im to tired to keep on right now, bye ;*

Santa can you hear me
I signed my letter that I sealed with a kiss
I sent it off
It just said this
I know exactly what I want this year..


 love it :D
nothingmuch to tell, me and sall' were in Kista after school :P hehe, c ya around :*

je t'adore

FRENCH.... gosh its annoying -.- it sound beautiful, but its a pain in the @$ learning it :@
but the tests today went fine,

after school i went to bri's place, her friggin gigantic dog sneezed on me... DISGUSTING xD
but we had fun ;) and its FINALLY a chill day, god that was a while ago :P

a picture i drew last friday... je l'aime! ^^


studying for REAL this time, after tomorrow... im FREE!!.....

so saturday and sunday were really good, BUT no im pretty screwed on the biology test i have tomorrow, so im pretty scare, we'll se.... I JUST LOVE LEARNING bout such uninteresting things that only make me wanna sleep.. -.-

chilling out.

its saturday and im doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ^^
even tho' im supposed to be studying hehe xD
but now i finally can do things that i couldnt do just because of school, thats why im probably gonna stay at home all day :P things to do: paint my nails, take a shower, draw, draw some more and yeah... draw some more... ;) maybe play a little guitar :P

pic from london..§

yesterday was awesome, me, han' and shortie met up with bri' jonte and andre after school, then we met up a few more and after that we were just chilling at han's place ;) loove it!
and yes, i talked to a friend i have not talked to in about 8 years.. how about that?? :D


im gonna kick my teachers ass! Bibbi is not suposed to be a teacher. we are supposed to have a major test next week, but we've havnt even BEGAN anything!!..... yes, she is so fired, im sorry but i cant afford my grades going downwards right now.


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