love sucks...?

hey, me and my cousine were at the movies with the guys yesterday, it was AWSOME,

we watched the movie streetdance 3d, i liked it.. i was sitting with my mouth openeverytime i saw george sampson hahaha xD


sitting at my cousines place.

tuesday- i just came here and we went to a beach with some friends :)
wednesday- were with some some friends.. again
thursday- we met our cousin, hes a BBOY :D :D
friday- we were at the bboys practice and after that, just chilling
right now were doing... pretty much nothing :P
dont know whats gonna be up tonight, but well c ya around, bye ;)

its getting hot in lithuania!! ^^

and FINALLY!!! i have internet in lithuania!! ^^
its pretty damn awsome here... and pretty damn HOT...
well, im not allowed to sit at the pc so often, so i dont know how much im gonna be updating, but... yeah, well see :)

gotta go now, gonna go take a dip in "orija" (you can see it on the pic ;) )

beautiful, huh? (dont aks me what happened to the quality of this pic, cuz idk :S)

c ya, bye <3
its getting pretty tense, well just cuz you dont know, doesnt mean you cant feel the same way.

i'm not back for much :(

sorry, but very soon, you'll not gonna be seing much... again.
but this time i have a reason-
i'll be going to lithuania, and im probably not gonna have a computer there :'(
maybe sometimes, but only a coupple of days.

well, anyway- this is the newest pic i drew today. its just a fast one, so its not so awsome, but its like a skiss with details. ;)

there actually IS a hidden message in this one. but i really dont think anyone can see. can you?

this is the song im llistening to non-stop right now.
it gives me THAT feeling. §

vacation- from blogging.

hey you guys.
i've not written in like a half a yeah, (or at least, it feels like it.)

now, the only thing i can do is to tell you about the AWSOMEST things that happened yet.

1. last day in school-

2. italy (with the family)

3. TWILIGHT FAN EVENT!! (with B, sall and nic')

4. drag racing rip to finland!! :D (with hannah)
 haha, and no, i was NOT driving, i just got to sit in the car xD

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