i think i got a little bit too happy a little bit too soon,
as usual,
cuz the weather was like shit 2day -.-
but at least it did'nt snow! :D

i was so pissed off, and nothing went right,
and i was late to school.. -.-

a bit later:
it got really better, me and my friends had some fun, and... yeah... the usual stuff xD

later 2day im gonna study... -.- and i think listen to music and talk cellphone.. like always :P

cya <3


spring feelings

some pics from 2day 


seriously, i feel like such a zombie...
i am SOOOO tired...
and i've been that since in the morning... -.-

i hope i'll feel better 2morrow..
and u know what?! im gonna have my spring-jacket 2morrow!! ;) ill uload some pic 2morrow i thhink, hah,

byebye §§

p.s. im having a bit of fun with my webcam xD


niiice night, giirls! ;D
i really had a blast, the only thing that was missing was u guys :(

so yesterday i was invited to brigitas sleepover, :P
and so were emma, linnea, marcus, pedram and dan ;)
but the only sad thing through the whole night was that the guys could'nt stay over :(
but we're so gonna do that again some time ;)

we were up almost all night long, and then 2day the guys camo over at the morning again,
and we girls were so unprepared xD

but unfortunately i have o pics :(
but ill se you later, aligator..

i gotta tell u about so much :/

the day before yesterday:
in school covin beatboxed! :O

and his real nice autograph?.. xD

after school, me and sally met robin and shaho, but robin was about to fall asleep, so after a while he went home, xD
then me, sally and shaho just talked and so :P

 - HAHA! xD

nicole and i had dance practice, damn it was fun, and we got to meet mario, FINALLY!! :D
and a video of that is up on facebook too :)

then i went home, then to nicoles place, then out with friends then home again xD
i had a great day hah ;D (even i was surprized :O)

brigita's gonna have a leepover, and im invited ^^
i really think its gonna be soo much fun ;)

and right now im fixing my makeup hah :P
 and this is how my hair looks like, when i havnt done anything to it, curly or what? ;)

waiting for nic,

shes taking a shower, and we´re gonna go meet shaho and taylan :)
gotta go now, bye ;) <33

go girl,

dance inspired..

oh god, finally a better day!! :O

i wason such a better mood today ;)
but the one thing that sucked was that i had to study A LOT
and there were 3 persons who wanted to see me like 2DAY! they could'nt pick any ther day xD

haha, anyways, nothing really interesting happened, but i got the pics i drew yesterday, haha dont be scared by them! xD

and im just having a bit of fun with my cam right now haha xD

oh god, finally a better day!! :O

i wason such a better mood today ;)
but the one thing that sucked was that i had to study A LOT
and there were 3 persons who wanted to see me like 2DAY! they could'nt pick any ther day xD

haha, anyways, nothing really interesting happened, but i got the pics i drew yesterday, haha dont be scared by them! xD

and im just having a bit of fun with my cam right now haha xD

shitty day,

well, i've felt like crap the whole day 2day... YIPPIE!!..

i was soo upset with EVERYTHING, i could'nt even hold myself anymore..
and ofc, as soon as i could controll myself again, someone new came and was like: whats the matter?
and then the tears just kept on flowing..
--- i did not draw that, if you thought so..
but ill upload a picture tomorow of what i was doing in all my classes 2day..

and sally was feeling like shit too.. coincidence.
so we went to my place, and watched lost, and we got on such a better mood right away,

 (having fun with the cam, hah )

the third one counts..

two AWSOME days,
and then someone just HAS to ruin the third one...
my dad told me i could go out with friends, and it was sooo important because i had to study with a friend,
and this was really the ONLY option, nothing else worked..

so i go and meet my other friend first, cuz my study- mate could only meet me at 4 pm, so i was with my other friend,

and my dad calls and sais i have to be at home 5.15 pm, and i cant, because i had to study A LOT,

and then we are bough shouting on the phone, and he hangs up on me,

and so i rush to the buss, the bus goes without me, i take another butt, to take the subway home, and the subway is late,

i run home, when it turns out i actually could have stayed anyway,

im so mad, i could kill someone right now..


so now im finally at home again :P hah,
me and nicole went to the city, and jonte met us up there :P
 i bought i few things, but first some out of control pics from yesterday, haha
just cuz me sally and carro were really bored xD

 such a cute pic ;)

 sweet! ;)

and the things i bought :

 i loove thoes pants!! :O xD

cya tomorrow :)

at nicole's!!! :D

i actually thought hope was gone for me sleepping at her place EVER again :O:O
so, it was pretty damn fun yesterday xD
we met shaho, taylan and elias,
and i like laughed my ass of, BUT i was also scared to death... -.-
and thrown arounde in snow.. xD

well, otherwise im gonna update more from yesterday and today a little bit later, byebye ;)


sorry for no udates.. -.-

i've been soo tired the whole week..
and busy too..
but now im just chillling out after school at home :P

2day i had so much fun with the girls (although it was in school xD)
and my god, CARRO, you didn't expect that huh?.. xD ;D
i actually gotta go study, but im soo not doing that YET xD

and haha, derin gets soo mad when shaho hits her or something,
she just gets SOO pissed off xD

now i really wanna eat a lithuanian thing called cepelinai! :(

i have no cam on this PC, but ill upload a picture of the day ;)

FINALLY i get to have my converse on!! :O

u mom has FINALLY   agreed to me having my converse on!!.. -.-
cuz she thought that it was too cold before,
but now, tomorrow, ill have my converse on!! ;)

so today was... a monday.. -.-
you know.. im not exactly on the best mood on mondays :/
but me sally and hannah stayed and talked after school untill like... 5 pm xD haha, hannah on halloween ;)

 and sallly playing her favorite song on guitar ;)

and ive actually just finished my new manicure a while ago..

and im working on a new drawing but u'll probably see it like.. tomorrow or something,

and a tutorial on the nails is also coming up :) bye

chill day out :)

so i was with robin and P.G today,
first we were in the city, then we met some of robins friends,
and then we went to robins friends friends place,
haha xD

some pics:
 these are some clothes that robin already OWNS ;)

 robin and PG are digging the ties xD

and robins favvo game ;)

 hes cat was so ADORABLE!! :D
 hah, everyone was singing to "feel" by robbie williams that he played on the piano, ;P

and then he played some music on his guitar, and we all sang along,
and it was really fun, but for now, ill se you later ;)

snapshot of the day:

lets wait... no, lets do it right away,

do it any time you can, dont waste life, figh for it,
cuz you know you can do it..

if you actually want to..

ignorance is your best friend

snapshot of the day:

my feet!!..

ir feels like i dont have any feet right now... thay hurt soo bad.. -.-
if you wonder why, is because i just came back from dance practice. :)

and now im sitting and watching hogan knows best ;)

and im sorry for not blogging a while, i had stuff to do , and then  my internet died -.-

have a nice friday ;D
 haha, i found an old picture :P

tutorial on corset nails :)

this works with ANY colors you want, but i took these :)

 first you need blue nailpolish, as the "fundation"

 then i took a ligh purple nailpolish and just stroke a line in the middle of the nail.

 ´for this part you will need an art pencil, or a toothpick, but its much easier with an art pencil.

 then you make small lines on the (in this case) purple line. 

then you turn the lines into small crosses

 the last touches are the small lines on the sides of the purple line.

 DONE! :)

oh no... -.-

vacation is over... -.-'

but yesterday i was with sally, we went to brigitas school,
then me my parents and my brothers went to  dinner, and i ate i REALLY RALLY big kebab!! xD

haha, 2day i did'nt so much.. or yeah, i was at school ;)

and yeah, shaho got his MJ drawing :P

so now im just listening to music ;)

and an tutorial on my nail polish design is coming up :P

 i get so happy whe i se DRY ground, cu you just want it to b summer...  :/

i hear its wonderfull in california...

at sally's

im at home now :P but i was at sallys,
as always, we talked.. A LOT,
haha, we cant stand if its silent ;)

soulsisters forever ;D

and by the way, i had blue eyeliner again, i really like it ;)


haha, so ill see you tomorrow, or somethingyebye :)

out with a coupple of friends :)

so.. i actually had fun guys,
haha, here r the pics too, enjoy xD ;D

i feel llike such an emo xD

im sitting alone in my room, watching lost again,
MAN, that show's good... -.-

so 2day im probably gonna go out with some friends, ill see a bit later,

but for now...


i mean like... COME ON?!
no one at all?!

so im still texting and i just got a picture all done, and yes, its another MJ pic, but im not gonna keep  it,

so i hope you are having more fun than i am right now.. (OFC u r.. -.-)

Eating sandwiches!

Woho, best sandwiches ever, plus im soon gonna watch lost ;)


..for sally ;)
shes on her way, and im listening to music right now :P
i really think we're gonna have a BLAST :P

we're maybe gonna watch lost i really want to, but im just afraid that it will make my plain-fear worse... -.-
oh well, im gonna try anyway xD :P

cya later, with maybe some pics of me and sally ;)


so today i was in the city again, but this time with hannah ;)
and god, we had such a blast!! ;D

was ebbas b-day!! ;)
so first me and hannah went to surprize ebba ;D
and after a while me and hannah went to her place, and then we stayed there for a pretty long time, and gosh,
we had soo much fun!! xD

 my outfit yesterday ;)

 making fun of models xD ;D

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