kill hannah (dont, its just a name!)

hot voice, hah ;)
my day in school was pretty good, and IM FINALLY DONE WITH ALL THE TESTS!! so now im not doing A SHIT xD

c ya around,

maybe its my time to be happy..?

you guys, i know i gotta start updating again,

friday-- i was shopping with hannah and derin,
i bought 2 awsome cute things,
yesterday --i was first with nicole, we we're first bored, then we studdied, and then we went crazy xD and then i was with brii, and we met a LOT of ppl, (the one's i knew were musse and pedram)
hah, that went... well...
2day--- studied, and like nothing else..


i suck,

seriuosly, i have not been updating a shit xD
well, here is one pic from my birthday,
the other ones you can see on my  facebook profile :P

2day i had a test in french class... i hope i didnt fail.. -.-
well, theres pretty much nothing besides studying to talk about, and thats not really fun to talk about.. -.-

thanks for a awsome night, girls!! (photos coming up)

i had soo much fun yesterday, (when we put the drama away, that i just couldnt forget)
seriously, love you all,
thanks!! ♥

friday & today

yesterday i met nicole in vällingby,
and then musse came too,
and he came with us to the streetdance school, just to watch,

after that we went to nicoles' because she had to pack her things, and sleep over at my place ^^
(i looove her sofa- wonder why..?)

 GOSH, thats a old picture O.O

nicoles gonna help me clean up my room foor the girl night im having tonight, ^^
its gonna be NAJSIISH.. ;)


thanks for walking me home! :) <33

now i just go home, and im pretty tired.. and i know, its not even late xD
but still..-.-'
so im gonna go take a shower now, c ya tomorrow, 


punk nails totarial :)

first, you need black , white and if you want to do it like i did, some neon color nail polish. (and an black art-pencil.)

the fundation is gonna be black.

then you do the small quares, in white (its not a problem if they dont really look like squares yet, you will fix that later,)

then, if you just want them white, i would suggest that you take white nailpolish on top of the white, one more time, because then it will look better.
but if you want any other color, you just take the (in my case pink) color, and do the exact same squares on top of your white squares.
if you dont understand why you have to do it in white first, its because the color would'nt show if you just did it on black right away.

and the last step is to correct the edges of the squares. thats why you need a black art-pencil. just paint along the sides of the square, and since the fundation also is black, you wont see, that it even is corrected.
 see? ;)

thats all you need to do ;)

who has a new guitar?! i have a new guitar!!!

WOOOOHOOOO, got my birthday present now!!!!!! ^^
and its a brand new, awsoooome guitar!! :D :D :D

 i love it!!

yesterday i was in school at first,
 HAHA, i was just so forced to show you this pic xD

and after school, sall' bri' and i were just fooling aound a bit outside :P
then we met musse,
he was nice and waited for the buss with me. :)
nothing special actually happened, but it was still nice :P

 haha, we'rw such retards  xD


updating u guys with some pics,

 HAHA- having a bit fun with nic - thursday  friday painting lesson- i liked my painting this time :P
 our plant has gone CRAZY!! :s

saturday- me and sall' went to listen to ebbas orchester :P

 sunday - laughing my ass off with mom- watching old photos of my as a baby and my parents,
 and my VERY FIRST drawing (NOT THE BABY!! XD that was just already IN the book i was drawing in xD)

2day- schoollll ..-.-
 and ofc, my outfit,

 new nail polish you probably dont even see anything..
 and ofc, i was just bored in class.. (but i think it really looks like a real tattoo :O) xD
 c ya,

sry for bad update..

im just so tired.. of actually a LOT of things... :S
well, now im listening to my beloved music, and chattin with sall'

...and now i cant upload a pic, and i have no idea why,
oh well, ill see you tomorrow, cuz im exhausted.. and dont ask why, cuz i dont know.. -.- byebye

swimming with the class

yeah, it was kinda... fun, i guess? xD
the "fun" part was the buss, i think? xD
because, we could'nt stay and just ´swim around.. -.-'

i miss that.. a lot,
but i guess ill bee seing you soon again, italy,

now, im watching a shot at love, now exactly fun to watch, cuz i've already seen every episode.. -.-'
well, y ya later §

what am i doing wrong..?

seriously, i dont know..
everything just seems to want me to dissapear,
everything seems to want me to feel like shit... may

wohoo, yesterday was a.. kinda awsome day xD
i had loads of fun, first i was in school,
but afterwards, me, nic' and molly had a little fun grilling (A) xD
we laughed untill we cried,

     - woops xD

and then we met robin and ankar,
we had fun to, but pics are a bit... forbidden xD

and today i was in the city with nic', and after that  met sall', and i bought a new pair of shoes that im gonna wear this summe, i absolutely loove them ^^ (pic coming up)

c ya l8er, alligator ;)

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