daddys home from the U.S (i sound like a REAL daddys girl right now xD)
dude, im pretty damn happy now!!! ^^

i got:


 hollister 2,
 hollister 3, (i know, our family members are hollister FREAAAKS!! xD)

and then also these awesome things ;) :

YESS im happy now ^^ besides that i gotta go study... -.-'

peace out §

YESSS, my hair turned out fine ^^

pretty nice friday.. ;P

first ofc, there was school, we took the school pics,
then i met up with bri' and shortie,
and we went to bri's place, then i went to jonte.. pretty nice ;)

so now im almost falling asleep to my music...
im pretty damn tired..

well, c ya all sometime.. §§§

--- no makeup !! :O ;P

dying my hair D:

seriously im mad shhit scared right now, if my hair gets orange... i AM gonna jump out of my window or something....


something new

once in a life time, menas theres no second change
then why believe that you and me, should grab it while we can?..

^...sorry, got a little caried away by the song hah =P ...^

well here are some photos of my latest clothes,
my new shoes
and in that case... new hair also... BUT im not gonna be having it for that long, cuz i want my blond hair back.

sorry, im too louzy to turn the pic around xP - new shoes 1

 new jeans ^^

 2 days outfit, (dad's shirt, i think im gonna keep that one!)

 new shoes 2 ;)

and... last AND lest... my hideous hair...

well have i nice day and be in a nicer mood than i am! §

yesterday was the most awesome-like night

dude.... like NOONE can even imagine what im feeling right now.

guys you are so awesome, i had so much fun with ya'll yesterday ;D LUUUV to you all §

by the way i've dyed my hair.... and im not happy...
but i only have to wear it AT LEAST for a week... and then i'll look if i can dye it blond again. cuz right now its like... REALLY dark brown with blond highlights..

i'll give you some pics... uhm... maybe 2morrow, :P

and i've bought new shoes to!! now i only need new sneakers ;)

you gotta give it a shot, ALSO if your best friend doesnt like it. (A)

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