felt almost like summer... love it!.. ♥

--- haha look at me, im a retard :DD

so my cousin is here..

and uuh... yeah.. what should i tell you? We're having fun, as usual, meeting up with my friends, first we were with Han' then with the gang, you know burito, jonte, andre, and so on, then we were with Erik, and yesterday we were with Vlas. God, that a lot of names :D
i want to do some shopping, but i cant fins anything that i really really like :'(
kind o depressing when my cousin just buy's everything.. :'(
but maybe i'll find something in kista today, we'll see, peace out! §
best friends.. not best friends.. not really x)
i guess you just cant see whats going on behind your back :D and im so retarded that i dont even NOTICE?! :DD
LOOK, a stalker behind us :D


some shit going on, huh? (nvm, just a few thing i have to think about..)

well, at least summer's coming, since its starting to be bright outside after 8pm, which makes me really happy ^^
friday was first a confronting afternoon, but later, a sleepover at Han's place :)
i actually dont have any photos, which sucks :( but some ego's maybe? x)

and ofcourse, the quote on my mind right now....
How many of you people out there
Been hurt in some kind of love affair?
And how many times did you swear
That you'd never love again?
How many lonely, sleepless nights?
How many lies, how many fights?
And why would you want to
Put yourself through all of that again?

so weird, but so much fun, loved that..

and i look drunk in every single picture, although im not... GREAT...

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