just dance

hey guys, right now, im at nic's place ;D
we got a bit to do, or to DANCE, we havn't done that in a while now, and we NEED a new dance, so we've started one 2day :P

ill update this at the evening, soo you'll maybe even get some pics or something :)


 ..a couple hours later..

so.. im home now :P it was really fun at nics place, after the dancing we were like only watching vidos on youtube and drinking cola ;D and at one point, we watched george sampson dance, and then a new song started on the vid, it was his song "candy girl" and that was.. interesting..?
i mean, i got such a weird feeling...
because i got like a flashback at the time when i really liked that song, and it was.. hell..
gosh, it was just like: TURN OFF THAT SONG!..
it was really weird.
we watched a taylor lautner video too, he is really funny! xD then we looked at a vid where he was 16, and afterwards, 17... WHAT A DIFFERENCE! :S :O
and now we have some guests. :) only some ppl we know from lithuania.
well, thats pretty much all for now,

snapshot of the day:
 me and "taylor" (nicole) just because she was annoying and didint want to take a pic.. -.-
well, taylor is just fine for me! ;D

--- on my way back from nic, i like didint see ANYTHING, it was soo much fog :/ oh, by the way, it was only 3 C today ;)

 and the new mascara :)

and the day is saved by derin!! :D

haha! you know that i was really grumpy this morning, so derin saved the whole day!! xD
we went SHOPPING in kista! do you know how much i love that?! xD :D as i always do with friends, we talked, A LOT, cmon, were girls xD and we came to the conclusion that martin talkes AND looks like spongebob! xD
b gosh, we had a blast. but i didn't buy so many things, because mom said i waste to much money on clothes -.-
we took some pics too ;)

so here you go:

 we bought a really big portion of food.. xD

 i saw a really cute pair of shoes! do you like them? (notice tha heel!)

 in "monki" ;) they have some awsome clothes ;D

and my new pullover ;) what do youu think about it? does it fit? :P

and i even got a new mascara from mom ;P

 it has  that new kind of brush, i havint tried it yet :)

that was all, cya §

fuck this shit!!

ive just woken up, and im sooo angry, i was supposed to be at a friends house 2day, but noo!!.. everyones sick..
and now, the internet is trying to piss me off too,
and im still tired from yesterday...

im gonna start this thing, its called snapshot of the day, its like a little photo that i took with my webcam... if anyone doesint get it by now, i can explain some other time...

enjoy youre day more than im doing..

snapshot of the day:

  no makeup, tired, annoyed and angry... not a good start of the day... i hope i fool you with my "mask"..

such a borring friday...

im sooo bored..
i didint have ANYTHING to do this friday.. -.- and on top of that i was really tired like all day...
when i came home from school,  i took pictures, (ive like gotten obsessed with it xD)
and then i chatted and watched some tv, and bla bla bla...
so now, im gonna do a test ;)P

have fun reading this ;D:

what do you think about love? – i LOVE it ;D
when was the last time u hugged someone? - 2day :D
did you hug a special person? - a friend ;)
is it hard for you to fall inlove? - haha.. i dont think so xD
when was the last time u kissed someone? - none of you're business (angel)
are you single? - yee..
have you hooked up with someone of the same sex? - eew, noo!

been a player?
 – noo :O
hooked up with some one really ugly? – HAHA! no, and im proud of that ;D
hooked up with more that 50 ppl? - in one day..? no.. (haha, kidding xD)
done something really mean? - uhm... i dont really know..
done something you really regret? - yeeeh.. who hasn't? -.-'
gotten kriminal? - noo! :O
gotten youre mom to cry? – not what i've seen, i really dont think so :S
punched someone? - noo,
been humilyated by you're parents? – hahaha, i think so.. yeah, some time.. xD
Sagt jag älskar dig och menat det? – självklart ;)
do you take drugs? - what? noo! :S
what do you really hate? – the ppl who invented school.. -.-'
been inlove with someone who didint even give you a chance? – pass
are you lonely now? – YES!!!:'( kidding.. xD
you wanna get married? – in the future :P
wanna have kids? - maybe in the FURURE

slept in youre bed?-
uhm.. do i count??..
saw you cry? - me?
got you to cry? - uhm.. i dont remember xD
you went too watch a movie with? - hannah, ebba and my mom xD
yelled at you? - i think it was my mom.. xD

cryed? - no
hugged someone? – yes :D
kissed someone? - no, :P
buyed something? - unfortunately, no.. -.- (im a shopaholic..)
sung? – yes, (i hope nobody heared it xD)
missed someone? - ofc... :/ always..

how tall are you? - 1.60 m
what do you wanna work with when you grow up? - actually, actor, but i dont really know..
what are you studying? - middleschool :P
do you have long hair? uhm... i dont know what you call "long", but kinda xD
what is you're haircolor? blond ;)
did you iss someone 2day? no,

do you're parent live together? yess  (thank god!..)
who is better, mom or dad? it depends xD
how many brothers or sisters do you have? one brother..
what was the latest thing you said to youre father? he:"if you dont get any PRAO, you'll have to stay and copy papers all day long at my job.."  me: "i dont want that.. -.-"
who in the family is the most annoying? my BROTHER.... -.-
who in the family is nicest? mom
when was the last time you did something nice with you're brother? i dont remember xD

when were you with one of youre friends, lately? 2day :P
at whos was the latest sleep-over? Nicole :P
who have you known the longest? paula, egle, brigita.
are you forced to be friends with some ppl? NO, im not friends with them if i dont want to be xD

yell at youre parents? - no
be youre self? - yeah, i think so :)
be in bikini? - yes, i do it, but im not confterable in it..
do challanges? - OFC :D
eat bugs? EEEEEW!!!!

do you know what FATO is? -  noo, what is it? xD
when lately did you chew chewinggum? - today :D
whats the color on youre toothbrush? Green :D
how often do you take a shower? - every day! :S
when are u gonna go to bed? i think its gonna be soon.. =.=..

soo, u enjoyed it? xD i think im gonna do that last question now, im soo tired, byebye! §§

hi guys...

yesterday, i took the vaccine... -.-  and gosh, it hurts!!
i like cant move my arm right now, and im sick... -.- (no worries, its usuall..)
so i stayed at home 2day..
picking a bit on my old clothes, and looking if i can fix them up or something..
and the same thing on my jewlery..
and then i also made a new header! :P
u guys like it?
so, ill see if im gonna go to school 2morrow, but i dont know :/
by the way, in the weekend, i bought a pare of new shoes, and new jeans. for my own money, because my parents wont give me some... :@
cya next time! §

  TAMMTAMTAAAM!!... (urgh.. -.-)

hi guys,

2day i was looking for PRAO places,
it went pretty well, ill see what i want.. :P
im pretty exited about that, it should be fun..
but hard work too xD
besides, i hate hard work... -.-
and all day have i thought about M :P

i bought some bracelets 2day too,
and im thinking about bying some cool shoes too ;)

i had a diagnose at maths 2day, -.-
i think it went sh*t xD
but i hope its good..
and then i have the test at wednesday too... urgh... -.-

well, gotta go, byebye (L)(L)

 (i didint buy this for real, its just a joke xD)

hellooo! (here we go again)

yesterday i slept at Nic's place, and it was really FUN haha (A)
we did stuff like talking and talking, and... hmm.... eating chips, and ..... talking... xD ('bout E and K ;) )
i know i havent written in a really long time, but i have NOOO time, cuz my school work is all fucked up... anyways, my diary is gonna be full with all the stories from yesterday xD
im maybie gonna die my hair today again, :P

anyways, otherwise ill maybe, just MAYBE will write some time next week too,

peace out, loove <33..

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