pics from the movie-night:
 yes, i WAS a girl STRAIGHT from the 70's ;DD


sorry but i have noo pics from the wave :'( but here's another pic of me and bri' because we were there together and had the best time ;D
 ew, what an old pic hha xD

party and party and party ad pa-pa-party...

just got home from the wawe..... duuuude... it was sooooo nice, im totally going back there next year, you can bet on that! ;D

thnx to bri' the night got even more awesome ;D*
by the way, te girls had a little halloween- night yesterday, but im to tired to upload pics now, so you'll get some 2morrow! cya ;*

soryy for no updates :P

but.... its soon trick or treet weeked ^^ a.k.a halloween :D

so.... im going to two parties this year, and i am also having two different costumes ;D
but im not telling.. :P youll see, im probably gonna upload some photos ;D

otherwise i've been a bit sick, done homework, as usual, and nothing really... special :P
im gonna get some creepy nails tomorrow :D

yeah, as i said, you'll see ;D have a nice halloweeeeen ^^

 pretty exactly a year ago ;D SUPERGIRL!!!!...

freaky friday,

DAMN... i didnt know something like that could go that far...?!

there was a guy in MY school, from the 8th grade, he HIT burito in the face... he HIT her?!?!
all i can say is that the little tiny manlyhood he actually had left sippered away through his asshole, as we said.
It was almost a friggin fight, bri' was so furious, she hit him twice, he got totally owned,
and none of his friends backed him up,
while we 4 girls (me, bri' shortie and han') were standing and SCREAMING at him that hes a fucking faggot and that that just is the lowest level!..

it was insane!...

afterwards we were just out, and then we went to shorties place, it actually was LOADZ of fun, but burito had to go... :(
but we still had a lt of fun, so we just sat there and chilled...

like i said... a pretty damn freaky friday o.O

 hahahhahah, random xD


eating peanutbutter and jelly sandwitches... :P

the one thing thats really horrible is that im really sick..
theres not really much more to tell...
besides that D, a girl in school, is being really damn annoying... as usual.... but nah, whatever, she knows what shes getting herself into, so....

now im gonna carry on eating xD

c ya'll

rock on,

In the back of the car
On the way to the bar
I got you on my list
At the foot of the stairs
With my fingers in your hair
Baby, this is it..

random, i know, but here's an eye i drew on shorties table... xD

the city

i dont know how many times i've already said this, but i LOOVE the city... so today there was some snowboarding showcase there,
and me and shortie just went around and watched,
then there was that hot spanish guy, who asked after our facebooks, haha xD....
but worst was still the friggin snowboarder....

one poor guy had an acident, and even passed out, i was about to cry,  i feel for him!!... hope he's okay!..

well, c ya ! §

beaty sleep has vanished

there is no such a thing as beauty sleep for me anymore.. its more like.... study sleep, i wake up, go to school, study, go home, eat, (tv) study, go to sleep late at night, and wake up early in the morning again.. jieppie -.-

but i havnt done anything real interesting in a while, so cant really update that much, but here you get a HOOOT pic of jedward instead ;D

you just made my day, hun!

so since i SUCK at studying today, i... pretty much gave up, and tried a lot of other things (like guitar, dancing, and ofc facebook)  to get my head straight, and it worked... a bit.

BUT as soon as i stopped, my thoughts started spinning again, and NOONE WOULD ANSWER ON THEYR FRIGGIN PHONE!!..... so im really upset, took a shower, and... SOME ONE ANSWERED, and it just happened to be a kinda- VERRRYYY awesome person, so now im much better. love ya right now, seriously! ;***

now im ready to go to sleep, c ya some time, bye ;) §

new purse, new jeans, new shoes... all london baby ;D
and the cutest thing in london:

frigging school work...

all day i hae been TRYING to study, but i just CANT... CANT!!!!!!!!!
my mind is like a world away from here, litterally..
i just can not focus at all today, its IMPOSSIBLE right now

 btw, whooo can draw something like this??! now THIS is crazy....

its u.k b*tch!!!

- madam toussaud museum

london is the most wonderful city ever... in lie history. love it. a LOT.

and i promised myself, i WILL go back there SOME time!!...

and then i saw the gorgeous jedward twins in our hotell but didnt say hi :( BUT they just spread that damn energy that makes you wanna... just like stand and fistpump for no reason xD

 gorgeous. §

im never ever gonna orientate ever again!!!!!! ARGHGHHHH!!!!

i got LOST like 2 times, while the other ones had fun together, i was lost ALONE, f*ckingt damn ass sh*t.... i was SOOOOOO mad!!... ARGH... NEVER again....

i missed you!

a SICK day at school...
i was sooo NOT in a good mood, and it just got worse and worse, untill i started dancing...
it got better then, but still... i was like almost falling alseep in math... :@

anyways, sal' wasnt in school today, she sick.. again..

so practicly, it didnt happen so much in reality, just the fact that it was total chaos in my head all day...

have a better day than i had today, peace out ya'll...!

height route in  lithuania... §

you think you can forget but lets face the fact- you cant.

...... i am seriously out of words.
the whole situation was just so messed up, and it was pretty damn infectious, so it messed me up in the end.
everyones just walking around sayig "i am so over him/her, i dont need that kind of crap!" - bullshit.
you are NEVER over someone, the feelings are always there, they may be hidden... hidden GOOD, but they still are there, and noone can avoid that truth.

nail tutorial- black skull.

you'll need red nail polish (or other color you wish for :P)

black nail polish, red art-pencil and black art-pencil.

1. you start with simple blood red fundation.

2. you do a kinda big round black dot on the center of the nail, and then a smaller part on the dots under-side thats gonna be the jaw of the skull. like this:

3. you do a cross with the black art pencil right under the "skull".

4. you do two small dots on each end of the cross

5. now you take the red art pencil and do two dots n the skull, for eyes.

done!! ;)


seriously, i had so much fun tonight, we HAAAAAVE to do it again,
i love you LOOOOOOOOOOADZZ and it will always stay that way haha ^^

so there was a LOT of buyys, if ya know what i mean ;D
and i lot of laughing,

besides the fact that my photocamera dissapeared it was really awesome,
peace out, talk to you later ;D ♥

 (i know... super quality... not.... but as you read, my photocamera dissapeared...)

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