so you say flashbacks, huh?

come to me

haha, my tipical humor, i know nobody thinks it's funny besides me and shortie xD

rock on,

In the back of the car
On the way to the bar
I got you on my list
At the foot of the stairs
With my fingers in your hair
Baby, this is it..

random, i know, but here's an eye i drew on shorties table... xD

love sucks...?

hey, me and my cousine were at the movies with the guys yesterday, it was AWSOME,

we watched the movie streetdance 3d, i liked it.. i was sitting with my mouth openeverytime i saw george sampson hahaha xD


i'm not back for much :(

sorry, but very soon, you'll not gonna be seing much... again.
but this time i have a reason-
i'll be going to lithuania, and im probably not gonna have a computer there :'(
maybe sometimes, but only a coupple of days.

well, anyway- this is the newest pic i drew today. its just a fast one, so its not so awsome, but its like a skiss with details. ;)

there actually IS a hidden message in this one. but i really dont think anyone can see. can you?

this is the song im llistening to non-stop right now.
it gives me THAT feeling. §

kill hannah (dont, its just a name!)

hot voice, hah ;)
my day in school was pretty good, and IM FINALLY DONE WITH ALL THE TESTS!! so now im not doing A SHIT xD

c ya around,

sry for bad update..

im just so tired.. of actually a LOT of things... :S
well, now im listening to my beloved music, and chattin with sall'

...and now i cant upload a pic, and i have no idea why,
oh well, ill see you tomorrow, cuz im exhausted.. and dont ask why, cuz i dont know.. -.- byebye

what am i doing wrong..?

seriously, i dont know..
everything just seems to want me to dissapear,
everything seems to want me to feel like shit...

20 f*cking degrees!!

the weather was just so AAAAAAAAWSOME!! :D
and school was shit... -.-
but watcha gonna do about it..? -.-
i just waited for the end of it all, and met sall', (ofc)
we talked and laughed a LOT (ofc)

 going ot of my miiiid!!

you make my day bby!..

who was the best?! bounce was the best!!

it is freaking AMAZING!!...
HOW IN THE HELL can they pull off such an show?!
i cant believe it, i LOVED it..

and the best thing was the last dance...
alvaro had broken his leg, and couldnt dance... and everytime you saw his face, you just wanted to kill yourself because it was sooo sad...
but they did a number with chairs, where they sat down and only danced with their arms.

and in the beguining of the song a guy said: JUSTICE
and it was just heartbreaking to see the number go out to him,
now thats love..

love yall forever!

the last bounce

the CONCERT!..
im totally hyped about going to the concert, and stuff,
its just gonna be sooo much fun, and i swear im gonna be bouncing myself!!..
BUT.. its thei're last bounce!
its just so sad to know that.. this is the last, im mean THE LAST preformance thay r doing together :'(
wish i could be on the stage..

c ya,


summer break is just 2 months away!! :'(

and i didn't even realize that!....
right now me, brigita and jura are soo stressed out about the whole summer- thing...
and we're singing grease- summer nights or what its called...

damn, everuthing just goes soo fast...

headed to västerås

2day my mom waked me up at 9 am for "easter breakfeast" and then she also  forced me to get dressed... -.-
i was so pissed off.. -.-

bt now im just listening to music, and later 2day the whole family is gonna go see some freinds, and celebrate easter together,

there will maybe some pics, or maybe not, c ya later,

spring feelings

some pics from 2day 

go girl,

dance inspired..

lets wait... no, lets do it right away,

do it any time you can, dont waste life, figh for it,
cuz you know you can do it..

if you actually want to..

ignorance is your best friend

snapshot of the day:

i hear its wonderfull in california...

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