sleepover!! (not so much of the sleep part xD)

hellooooo, last night me, han' and sall' had a sleepover, kind of unexpected, but it was overly much fun, we laughed so much, and pics are coming soon ;) (i hope, han' has to e-mail them to me xD)

otherwise i've been walking around a bit like a zombie, trying out new "beauty tips" and doing all kinds of boring stuff xD i hope i'll FINALLY get some sleep tonight :P
anyways, i'll see you guys tomorrow, im to tired to keep on right now, bye ;*

Santa can you hear me
I signed my letter that I sealed with a kiss
I sent it off
It just said this
I know exactly what I want this year..

Postat av: Amis

Fin blogg =)

2010-12-12 @ 20:57:59

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