hello ya'll

2day it was i freaking stupid day... -.- we had a test :O:O
i hope ill get a good grade xD
when i got home, i was soooo ill, i as like about to throw up..
but then i ate something, and drunk like 5000000 glases of water, and it got much better ;)
and then, i was gaming guitar hero and nic called me xD we went out, and then to my place again.
we took a coupple of really fun pics xD

since then, i havent done so much, just been on the pc..

here are some of the pics xD:

i hate ana-maria!!!!

i freaking hate her!!!!
she never tells us whats up, (shes our mentor :@)
and im supposed to go to a special place 2morrow, but i dont even know where or when... -.-
YAAAAY,!! i hate her!!!!! :@

ANYWAYS, at the weekend and the star of this week:
-sleepover at m y place with nic, :D:D:D
  was soooo fun! ;D <3

- my dad won 1000kr at a lottery, and i got A LOT!:
  *a new garderob
  * a playstation 2 with guitar hero and sing star!!! :D:D:D
  * some new clothes (A)
but all this didint just cost 1000 xD he bought the ps for that 1000 (A)

but actually, im really happy :D


YOU WANNA SE A PICTURE OF HER? well, here you got one------> CLICK!!

I DONT EVEN WANNA START EXPLAAINING HOW MUCH SHES DONE TO ME... but, i know she doing it because she is jelous, because her mom tells my mom, and my mom tells me xD SUCKER!!! go and kill your self or something xD

okay guys, gotta go, byye <3

hey guys

im pretty bored, and i dont really know what im gonna do 2day, im prob gonna go meet some1, i REALLY REALLY hope that nic can come, otherwise im like gonna freak.. -.- havent eaven seen her in like 1 week :S for us, thats really, REALLY much xD

yesterday i was with sally a little while, and when she left, i read a bit more of "eclipse" its getting intresting, and i dont even have the freaking time to read a freaking book!! -.- i have too much to do... -.-

well, i hope ill see you later guys, byye <33

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