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Paranoid Parrot - See muslim
Insanity Wolf - twinkle twinkle little star
Paranoid Parrot - Shower soap gets in eyes
Y U No Guy - Hand
Y U No Guy - MONEY

..Find yourself..


B <3

You're an awesome person. The first time i met you was at a football game, and already then we became friends somehow.
You never know what the future holds, but in my opinion, we should stick together, and whenever you need it, just call and ofc i know i can do the same with you.
You never know what happens, it can all come in a big ass surprize. <3

yesterdaay- american football, GO DIF!!

Awesome, W's team won! ^^
it was more than fun just watching them, you cant even imagine! :D
The thing is- i came there alone. And then there were two girls who called my name, out of no where! And i didn't even know who they were!
They were like: -We know W! ^^ Hehe..
so tomorrow is my birthday, but im not gonna do anything special, just watch a movie with the girls today, ^^ gonna be nice anyway :P

felt almost like summer... love it!.. ♥

--- haha look at me, im a retard :DD

so my cousin is here..

and uuh... yeah.. what should i tell you? We're having fun, as usual, meeting up with my friends, first we were with Han' then with the gang, you know burito, jonte, andre, and so on, then we were with Erik, and yesterday we were with Vlas. God, that a lot of names :D
i want to do some shopping, but i cant fins anything that i really really like :'(
kind o depressing when my cousin just buy's everything.. :'(
but maybe i'll find something in kista today, we'll see, peace out! §
best friends.. not best friends.. not really x)
i guess you just cant see whats going on behind your back :D and im so retarded that i dont even NOTICE?! :DD
LOOK, a stalker behind us :D


some shit going on, huh? (nvm, just a few thing i have to think about..)

well, at least summer's coming, since its starting to be bright outside after 8pm, which makes me really happy ^^
friday was first a confronting afternoon, but later, a sleepover at Han's place :)
i actually dont have any photos, which sucks :( but some ego's maybe? x)

and ofcourse, the quote on my mind right now....
How many of you people out there
Been hurt in some kind of love affair?
And how many times did you swear
That you'd never love again?
How many lonely, sleepless nights?
How many lies, how many fights?
And why would you want to
Put yourself through all of that again?

so weird, but so much fun, loved that..

and i look drunk in every single picture, although im not... GREAT...

every single second i wanna text you, why is that so annoying?!

okay, i am gonna sound like a pathetic bitch right now, but i dont care, because i am seriously going to cry soon.... I probably have to cut my hair a bit, and it is SERIOUSLY causing me tears, im not kidding!!!! im so depressed right now, its not even true...

"for something to get right, something must go terribly wrong first."

thats so true.
as you may see, when you read some of the previous things that i've written, something DID go terribly wrong.
But now... will it get right?
or will it get right and after a while get worse?
bt if it would get worse... all i'd have to do is to push the "worse" part away... But will i be able to do that?...

so i'm supposed to be studying, but i feel just so... heavy... i dont know how to explain it, i really just like DONT want to study right now.. TT_TT

been working out, yesterday i was at Buritos' first and then at Andre's.. The evening got a bit ruined because of some shit with the girls family's and stuff :/ but it was still okay ;)*

--- i'll probably be going there this summer... I cant wait for the weather to get warmer....



today was the french meeting, so after school i just went to han's place we stayed there untill it started. It didnt go SO good, i mean its hard when no one wants to do anything.. -.-

BUT it'll be alright x)

now after yesterday's rage attack (followed by an emotionall breakdown) this is whats left from my necklace xD:

well its a good art- picture at least.. x) my pillow is also a bit weird after yesterday, but.. yeah im better 2day as u can see, and i'm probably gonna draw about it, so.. we'll see whaat comes out ^^

and a pic of me:

not in a good mood, as usual... i really need help.. or no, i need that PERSON

you were everything, everything tht i wanted,
we wee meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
all the memmories so close to me just fade awaaay,
all this time you were pretending, so much for my happy ending..

Good to know we had it all, thanks for watching as i fall, and letting me know we were doooone.....
everything, everything that i wanted.

stupid lyrics that are always supposed to be annoying!! :S GOOOSH, im back in school, so im a bit of a retard when it comes to bloggin' as you see... whatever, shorties birthday party was kinda awesome at least:
 oh thats just... manly xD
 and the only one missing here is hannah :/ but she took the pic, so shes still a part of it ^^


SANDY: wait... DAVID, why were you on a date with my girl lindsday like two weeks ago if you have a girlfriend?

DAVID: what girl lindsday?! i havent even met you.. You see hun' thats why i dont like talking to my ex's!..

NELLY: Haha, im only sitting and laughing right now..

SANDY: yeah, last week when you came to los angeles, i was there with my boyfriend and you were there with my girl... fogot her name maybe? ;) and i can HARDLY call you an ex, we were together 2 weeks an meanwhile you cheated on me, dont you get that girls get hurt??

DAVID: AND WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW ME?? retard, this summer i didnt even know who nelly was, and i dont even know any lindsday!! 

NELLY: yeah, why would David cheat on me, he has no reason, just cuz youre jealous and arent over him yet, doesnt mean hell cheat on me!!

SANDY: Nelly you'll see you'll get hurt. And im sorry to tell you this, but i have a boyfriend on my own, im just saying David its sad, what you're doing...

NELLY: go to hell you piece of sh*t, he would never do that, i now understand why he cheated on YOU, but that doesnt mean he'll do it to me!!!!

this is what i am witnessing right now, on facebook. THE THING IS, i know "david" is lying. He even hit on me over chat like a week ago, he was writing stuff like i want to meet you baby, i've missed your lips..
WHAT. TO. DO?!?! seriously i cant even imagine the pain "nelly" will have to go through eventually..

i... feel sooooo sorry for her... SHE IS SO BLIND.... oh my god..

tanning.. (?)

today me and shortie went to Vällingby to fix some stuff there,
 but right after
we were just chilling at her place..
Nothing else actually,
besides that im playing guitar again and my finger tips are....
K.I.L.L.I.N.G me, its hurts so f*cking bad cuz i've played too much D':

and believe me, the pain is not only like... small, its hurts pretty friggin bad ass D:

 pretty? yes.. but CAN be painfull :O

why the nightmares?!

seriously i dreamt a nightmare about a person thats near to me, and all day i've been walkin around thinking what the heck it could mean... its killing me.

yesterday i was in the city with shortie, and today i was at Jontes house with andre, shortie and Burito... well, that didnt go so well... as you may notice... Burito and jonte is a coupple. And andre and shortie are almost a coupple...

EMO.... sebbe was my savior as he came... i finally had somene to at least talk to.. -.-

pics from yesterday:


hello, today im a little bit better emotionally not really much progress in the "not being sick on thursday-plan"

right now i am TRYING to play a little guitar, and FAILING MISSERABLY cuz my nails are like 1 cm long, i dont wanna get rid of them but i wanna play guitar... ARGH!!....

 and no, i am not dressed yet, stop mocking me! xD

kill me

just stab me....  yeah in the back, thats right.


wiihoow, im sick...

my voice sounds worse than a MAN'S!!.. Gosh, i really sound howwible o.O

so i dont think im gonna be doing so much today, my mom wont let me.. -.- cuz im SICK... ARGH, im gonna go crazy :@

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