SANDY: wait... DAVID, why were you on a date with my girl lindsday like two weeks ago if you have a girlfriend?

DAVID: what girl lindsday?! i havent even met you.. You see hun' thats why i dont like talking to my ex's!..

NELLY: Haha, im only sitting and laughing right now..

SANDY: yeah, last week when you came to los angeles, i was there with my boyfriend and you were there with my girl... fogot her name maybe? ;) and i can HARDLY call you an ex, we were together 2 weeks an meanwhile you cheated on me, dont you get that girls get hurt??

DAVID: AND WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW ME?? retard, this summer i didnt even know who nelly was, and i dont even know any lindsday!! 

NELLY: yeah, why would David cheat on me, he has no reason, just cuz youre jealous and arent over him yet, doesnt mean hell cheat on me!!

SANDY: Nelly you'll see you'll get hurt. And im sorry to tell you this, but i have a boyfriend on my own, im just saying David its sad, what you're doing...

NELLY: go to hell you piece of sh*t, he would never do that, i now understand why he cheated on YOU, but that doesnt mean he'll do it to me!!!!

this is what i am witnessing right now, on facebook. THE THING IS, i know "david" is lying. He even hit on me over chat like a week ago, he was writing stuff like i want to meet you baby, i've missed your lips..
WHAT. TO. DO?!?! seriously i cant even imagine the pain "nelly" will have to go through eventually..

i... feel sooooo sorry for her... SHE IS SO BLIND.... oh my god..

Postat av: N

been there, did that, not cool.. You will never be fix to you found a new one who you can share your heart with. I'm sorry to tell that but it's true..

2011-01-12 @ 06:55:33

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