highschool !...

so we were on this... thingy xD to look for some good highschools (AAARGH, HELP ME!!) here in stockholm, and all day it was me, Sall' and Bri' and then we met up with some other friends time to time,

then me and sall were in the center of stockholm for a littl while, but we were forced to go home, so :/
but NO WORRIES PPL!!... we're coming tomorrow instead!! xD

then we wents to sall's sisters place, and made 2 cakes, we failed misserably xD i actually have some photos, BUT not really yes, i'll upload tomorrow ;)

just one thing i gotta say is: (yes yes, i know, i'll be getting so many hating comments now, but...)
 tokio hotel is so... awesome... Actually i was a huge fan of them like... a year ago, but then i forgot about them... But now i listen to their songs,  and they're really, really good! §

why are you doing this to me?!

why, i mean, the second i just... say something negative, you attack me with comments about that i dont study... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! im at home studying my ass off, its just that i dont fucking know what i am supposed to study FOR this time, cuz my teacher is retarded,
and the grades YOU get now, are not gonna hang after you your whole life?! well, they are for me, so if you would be a f*cking supportive mom for ONCE, you would stand up for yoour child, and not make it worse, with every f*cking single word you say!!!................

woooho, no school today ^^

sitting at home, supposed to be studying, but im just making plans for my shopping instead, ahahah xD

and ofc, i've gotta find a school to go to after im done with 9th grade... so... -.-
anyways im gonna meet up with bri' jonte and randy a little bit later today ;)

ill maybe write again later ;) c ya around :*

Short day

nice, chillin out at home ^^
hehe, i had like one lesson in french and then i was free to go home, so im probably just gonna sit at home and do nothing with music on highest volume! :P

hehehe, looked kinda awesome with my nails x) but my camera made my fingers REALLY pink!? xS

 and a drawing i drew in school in like 10 minutes, i dont know i kinda liked it :P ;)


so now i have a few thing i want to have so bad, and that i actually NEED!!...
and i dont have the money for all thet.. :'( but you know... christmas is near hehe :D ^^

1. i want a piercing in the upper ear!!... i WANT it!! xD
exactly like this one:

2. i need AT LEAST two really warm pull-overs.... its getting cold up in sweden.. -.-

3. oh yes, and i need a black scarf because of the cold too! it HAS to me overly warm, and overly big ;)

4. a canon camera.... I WANT IT SO BAAD, it costs so much, so ill probably never get it, but you know what i mean .. :(

5. and then i want a lot of little things, for an eventual christmas/new year evening with some friends ;)

sooooooooo... thats up for now, if you really wanna know... i had a great time after school, haha, ill hear from you guys later ;) peace out!

baby i can sooo not believe it!



so today i was with shortie, andre, jonte and randy hehe :P
we did'nt do anything special, we just hang out, but it was still awesome, as usual ;)
i dont know why, but i feel like going to bed early today, so im gonna go get ready ^^

btw, i dreamed that i was in a town called Brugg, in switzerland, it was there i lived like.... about 3 years ago... I MISS EVERYONE :'(

damn... i know this place so.. so... SO good....

hanging at shorties ;D

FINALLY FRIDAY, i've been waiting since.... sunday, not even monday! xD
hehehe, anyways, im finally chillin out a bit, and still hoping for an awesome weekend ;)
and... we're having a little fun hehehe ;D
i just lost my bff, i dont know where she went..

i believe..

that you maybe could be the only
who could make me feel
the things that i've been dreaming of
maybe it finally would become real?
i didnt think i'd find you,
and now you ake me wanna dance
the only thing that i feel like i need now
is that simple chance... ♥

short day,

i had two lessons in school today... TWO.. it was awesome :D
so now im just taking some pics, eating, listening to music, everything just to avoid studying!.. xD

here's a pic, all fresh, take today :)

waitting nd waiting and waiting for it to be friday... mwahaha, LOVE fridays!
i just hope i'll have a better weekend than i did last week, it was overly boring, but this weekend... hehehe, we'll see what happens, c ya! §

beautiful. bough of you.

hello, the day was'nt the best, i was in a kinda... f*cked up mood pretty much all day... -.- i would SOOOOO rather just be doing this:

have a better day than i had!...

no good series for AJ today... :'(

i gotta study... -.- as usual.
 but here's a hottie for you to drool over instead, mwahaha ;D

jared letooo... *drooool*

i hate religion lession... and history too...

seriously we have an assignment that should be done 3 weeks from now, and i am ALREADY anxieus about it!!.. x'( its just because i have NO IDEA what i am supposed to write about, well, ofcourse i know, but its an REALLY hard assignment!! D:

btw, the dance lesson was awesome 2day :P

--- this is how my brain feels right now!! :@

and just a funny pic:
 isn't this like the FUNNYEST thig EVER?!?XD

updated wall:

 loooving it, ;)
hollister, usher, taylor Lautner, Jared leto, drawing, billie joe armstrong, drawing (MJ), taylor lautner, eminem, taylor lautner, (xD) drawing (elvis) MJ, JB, and another drawing.. (justin B)... ;D

today i was with shortie and andre, wel... guys what?! my WHOLE ROOM smells like andre now... way to go xD
i found this pic, DUDE, i miss the summer x'(

peace 'N' love

what?! why?!

i like DONT GET IT!! why does every song have to be a friggin memmorie?! like EVERY SONG! its weird because its like super-glue, it sticks to your brain, and it does not dissapear!! the worst part is that some of the songs are really awesome, but i cant listen to them, because they bring me bad memmories, but its not like i cant think of them usually, its ONLY when i hear the song that i really get the FEELING again, and that SUCKS!! but ofc then there are these good memmories, and i get like.... happy feelings of them, but its still pretty damn annoying that some songs are destroyed be some ppl in my life... -.-'

happy memmories:

30stm- closer o the edge

enrique iglesias- i like it

...not so good memmories:

madcon- beggin

justin bieber- somebody to love

as you maybe know, i am a moron..

so the holidays were awesome, bough of andres parties were pretty awesome ;D
i met a lot o friends, now... the schol is not even a bit of awesome... and this weekend doe'snt seem to be that great either..

right now i've been studying, i dont know what im gonna do now, probably go and draw something with y really cute pen, (tiger- colored xD)

 i know i look kinda horrible, but i slept over at han's yesterday, so im pretty exhausted today...

3 in one/1 in 3

tonight i had a sleepover with nicole at her place... FINALLYYYY!!  we hadn't done that in ages...
so that was nice, yesterday i met medy and his friend, it was nice :D ;)
dont really know what im doing today.... we'll see :P
talk to u later <3
old pic :)

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