not in a good mood, as usual... i really need help.. or no, i need that PERSON

you were everything, everything tht i wanted,
we wee meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
all the memmories so close to me just fade awaaay,
all this time you were pretending, so much for my happy ending..

Good to know we had it all, thanks for watching as i fall, and letting me know we were doooone.....
everything, everything that i wanted.

stupid lyrics that are always supposed to be annoying!! :S GOOOSH, im back in school, so im a bit of a retard when it comes to bloggin' as you see... whatever, shorties birthday party was kinda awesome at least:
 oh thats just... manly xD
 and the only one missing here is hannah :/ but she took the pic, so shes still a part of it ^^

Postat av: Burito who else :P

Haha you have to send me that picture!!

2011-02-27 @ 18:57:33

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