"for something to get right, something must go terribly wrong first."

thats so true.
as you may see, when you read some of the previous things that i've written, something DID go terribly wrong.
But now... will it get right?
or will it get right and after a while get worse?
bt if it would get worse... all i'd have to do is to push the "worse" part away... But will i be able to do that?...

so i'm supposed to be studying, but i feel just so... heavy... i dont know how to explain it, i really just like DONT want to study right now.. TT_TT

been working out, yesterday i was at Buritos' first and then at Andre's.. The evening got a bit ruined because of some shit with the girls family's and stuff :/ but it was still okay ;)*

--- i'll probably be going there this summer... I cant wait for the weather to get warmer....



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