okay so here's the deal, im gonna tell you a little bit about lithuania...

im born here, so im used to all the kind of... "horrible" ppl here, and otherwise its awesome, i love spending summers and winters here, BUT theres one tiny problem..

 <---- do NOT ask why, i dont know i was just so forced to xD

Anyways, I have like 3 friends here. My cousin, Paula and Egle. Okay so you're thinking: so what? the thing is that they all live in different city's and so on and so on.. And REALLY OFTEN i get so homesick that i could do anything just to get home to my friends in Sweden, the reason to why i get so homesick is that i have like... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do!!

dont get me wrong, i love lithuania, but its just so damn boring after a while, if i could take at least ONE friend with me, it would be AWESOME.. But yeah right.. -.-

this is how bored i am right now, for example... -.- :
 see what i mean now??...


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